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What’s Your Curl Type

It doesn’t matter what type of curly hair you have, wear it like you mean it! I find myself noticing and then idealizing curly-haired strangers who have bouncier curls than I do. And then I’ll see long, soft waves on a woman and want my hair to be like hers. The next day, I’ll notice super tight ringlet curls and wish I could make my hair do that. The fact is, I can’t make my curls different, just like people with straight hair can’t make their hair curl naturally.

Sure, I can use products, a diffuser, and tie my hair up in a tee shirt when it’s wet, but it won’t change the type of curls that I have. It’s funny how hair curls can change with time. When I was young, I had soft, wispy curls. When I was a preteen and my body literally turned into a woman overnight, my hair got super curly. Tight curls sprang from my scalp with no warning. My mother didn’t have curly hair, so she was no help. I had to figure out how to care for my new locks on my own.

I recently researched the different types of curls and I would love to share the news with you!

Wavy Hair – Type 2

Wavy 2A

Wavy 2B

Wavy 2C

Wavy hair is between straight and curly. While beautiful, it can be hard to learn how to care for and style it best. It’s also more prone to frizz! Some wavy hair is also more resistant to styling, especially when using heat!

Styling Tip – Anti-frizz styling products are a MUST for creating gorgeous waves that last all day. You’ll also need products with a lot of hold that are lightweight as heavy products will weigh down your waves. Great options are mousse, or if you find that mousse doesn’t have enough hold and frizz control, try a curl cream gel combo! We recommend our Pro Curl Cream Gel, which is lightweight, moisturizing, and provides strong curl definition!

Curly Hair – Type 3

Curly 3A

Curly 3B

Curly 3C

Type 3 curly hair has a definite S shape, with or without products. Your hair is likely full bodied, prone to damage, and can frizz in humid climates. If you aren’t properly caring for your type 3 curls, they will look and feel dull.

Styling Tip – Styling type 3 hair is so difficult! If you apply too much product, your curls will be weighed down or even greasy. If don’t apply enough, your curls can frizz too much. The key to gorgeous curls every time is to experiment and learn how much of each product your hair needs. On day one, start with freshly cleaned hair. Be sure to moisturize, then apply your styling products. You’ll want to be sure to include moisturizer, anti-frizz, and curl defining products. Curl creams and gels work well for this hair type. Lucky for you we have a curl cream gel combo! We also recommend trying just our Dream Cream Curl Cream if your curls don’t love gel!

Kinky Curls -Type 4

Kinky 4A

Kinky 4B

Kinky 4C

We all know this and LOVE one! Kinky curls stand out, springing forth from faces of all shapes and colors. Curls may be as tight as a toothpick and they resemble more of a zigzag. However, this type of hair is very fine and fragile. It is the driest hair type and is very prone to breakage.

Styling Tip – Remember, this hair type is drier and more prone to breakage, so you MUST apply a lot of moisture. Start with a creamy, moisturizing shampoo (or conditioner if you co-wash), then apply conditioner. When styling use a rich curl cream full of natural oils and butters. We recommend our Clean Curls Shampoo and Curl Quench Conditioner Set paired with our Dream Cream Curl Cream!