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What’s the Dealio with Silicones and Curly Hair?

Are silicones really actually BAD for your hair?

The short answer is, not necessarily!

Silicones have amazing benefits for hair, such as tangle prevention, helping hair hold moisture, and controlling frizz. Silicone does act as a sealant on your hair, so it protects it from heat and damage. And holds in moisture that would otherwise be lose. If you have color treated hair, silicones can help seal your hair and prevent fading, which helps your color look great longer.

But why are silicones often labeled as BAD for curly hair?

Well, if silicones aren’t water-soluble then products that contain them aren’t compatible with sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfates help wash out silicone residue, so if sulfates are absent and the silicones aren’t water-soluble then you can wind up with buildup. Therefore, it is SO important to make sure you know how to properly remove silicones, if you choose to use products that contain them.

However, sulfates can be harsh on hair, too! Luckily, there are a few more gentle options, such as coco betaine, which comes from coconut oil and other natural oils.

Not all Silicones are Created Equal!

Remember, some silicones are bad, and some are good. When picking out a product, do your research as to whether it contains silicones, as well as what kind and what properties that silicone is best used for. Don’t be afraid to try a few different kinds before you find what works best for your hair.

Are Royal Locks Products Silicone Free?

No, but our products contain dimethicone, which is water soluble and does not require sulfates to be removed from your hair! Dimethicone is also helpful for smoothing and defrizzing your hair because they don’t evaporate. Many curly hair people rely on a small amount of water soluable safe silicones to control their hair and curl type.


At Royal Locks, we want you to be happy with whatever method you choose!


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