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Vernon Francois Talks about Curly Hair in this ABC News Story

ABC News hosted an interview with celebrity hair stylist Vernon Francois to discuss naturally curly hair. Kinky, curly, coily, and wavy hair, in it’s natural state, without using heat or chemicals is discussed. Discrimination laws are going into effect to protect those who want to embrace their curly hair in its natural state. He wants his clients to know:

“What you have is always good enough.”

For thick, kinky hair, you can place the hair in a ponytail bun easily by separating the hair into two sections. The interview demonstrates how to do this easily. He then takes orange yarn and wraps it around the client’s head, like a headband for a beautiful and simple finishing touch.

For very curly hair that forms ringlets, diffusing is the key. Flipping the hair to the left and the right, while diffusing is the way to have more volume and bounce. The hair is able to dry more evenly with this method. The interview shows his client doing this flip and it is fantastic!

Coily hair types can mat and tangle easily. Vernon has discovered a way to remove tangles without pulling and damaging the hair. He places groups of hair between his fingers and massages them down. You really have to see the video to catch his specific style.

Wavy hair – the S type of curls, can easily be maintained with shea butter and diffusing. Trimming is very important to help the hair to grow and shouldn’t be avoided when you want to keep your long length.

He uses natural oils and butters on hair, avoiding harsh chemicals and relaxants. Those in the interview share about their journey of stopping straightening and perming to give their natural hair a shot. These women have come a long way from not knowing how to properly care for their curls. They are now embracing the hair they have, instead of trying to change it.