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Top 5 Curly Hair Styles

Whether you want to go long, go big, or go short, we have some curly styles you will love! Curls don’t always do what you expect them to do. Having the right cut will give you healthy-looking hair no matter which style you choose. You want to pick a stylist who is experienced with cutting curly hair and choose what looks great on you, not what looks good on a model in a magazine. The right stylist will take into consideration the shape of your face and your unique features when advising you.

Curly Bob

Short hairstyles will make those curls spring up, so go longer than you wish to see what your curls will do. Bouncy curls look amazing with long bangs, pushed to the side. Try straightening the bangs for a fun new look on occasion. Experiment with short and long bangs. If you don’t like them, use a pretty clip to tuck them out of the way until they grow.

Shoulder-length Curls

Wavy and bouncy curls are perfect for shoulder-length hair. Hair can be thinned out from the under-layer for very thick hair to help it lay how you want it to. Ringlets are gorgeous with shoulder-length styles. Condition, condition, condition to keep hair soft and silky for this style. For those with fine, straight hair, this cut can turn into waves with leave-in conditioner, gel, or paste if applied when wet and then scrunched as it dries. Hair diffusers are perfect for adding more curl to your hair.

Punk with messy curls

Forget perfect bouncy curls and go messy for a change! Wash, dry, and add leave-in conditioner as usual. When hair dries, run your fingers through groups of curls around your face to encourage wild hair. Add streaks of pink, purple, or blue to frame your face or just the ends of hair. Let your wild side loose!

Shaved sides and backs with long on top

This hairstyle is for those with more edge. They don’t want to spend a full day washing and styling their hair. This hairstyle is simple and breathtaking. Some leave it long on top and on one side with only the back and one side shaved. Drying time is very short with this hairstyle. Gel and paste are wonderful products to use once hair is dry to give the right amount of hold.

Long curly and wavy hair

You have so many options with long hair! More maintenance, longer drying times, and more hair products are the down-side. However, your choice in hairstyles is wider than ever! Natural looking breezy waves, messy ringlets, braids and buns, and silky, polished curls are just a few choices. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair- extra conditioning and frequent trims are necessary to keeping long hair looking healthy.