Curly Hair

Tips for our Amazing Adorable Curly Hair Kids

Tips for our Amazing Adorable Curly Hair Kids

Gina, our creator of the Royal Locks Hair Care line was the ONLY person in her family with curly hair, so she didn’t have a guide and it took her many years to figure it all out! That’s why we’d love to share with you some simple tips and tricks for your curly hair kids.

Kids sure look adorable and charming with their bubbly curls, don’t they?  But curls can be a also be seen as a curse based on how well a child is taught to appreciate and care for them. Words of confirmation about a child’s curly hair can certainly help instill ‘curly self esteem.’ Teaching curly hair kids how to care for and manage their locks early in life will also help them keep their locks in tip top shape easily as they get older.

Kids generally have finer and thinner hair than most adults and this could mean that they may require a bit gentler care. Teaching children early how to care for their tresses and how to control frizz will encourage their self esteem when those inevitable curl compliments come in. While you’re at it, why not teach them how to receive a compliment gracefully?

Until your child is old enough to manage their hair themselves, help keep hair healthy and the frizzies away with the proper products, the right care, hair bands or clips, the right cut and style, and good nutrition.

A shorter cut for a boy or girl with curly hair is often more manageable until the hair gets thicker. But, remember to choose a hairstylist who is familiar with curly hair (or better yet specialized in it) and haircut and style that helps keep locks under control.

Make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes yet does not have sulfates or parabens to keep curls healthy.

Try not to use diffusers or blow dryers on a child’s hair as natural air drying is the most favorable. Use fingers to detangle when possible but if not, be sure to use a wide tooth comb or pick and a detangling product or leave in conditioner.  Brushing will create more frizz and could damage hair.  Try starting at the end of the hair and in a gentle downward motion, slowly move up for a less painful experience.

Royal Locks Kids use our Curl Rescue leave in conditioner while combing and leave it in for moisture and hydration. Using a leave in conditioner after using shampoo will also help hair avoid frizz. Conditioner should be rubbed out to the ends of hair.

Styling gel is recommended for curly hair kids of age 6 and above to help control locks and we love our alcohol free and marula oil infused luxury gel for kids as it in gentle yet keeps the curl curly and frizz at bay. Use just a bit in wet hair after combing and let their natural curl patterns come out. If they need a bit more in their curls or need a touch up after a long day at play, our gentle curl serum generally does the trick and smells great!

Make hair care as enjoyable as possible rather than a battle for curly hair kids.  Giving your child the skills and tools to take care of his or her own hair promotes independence as well as self esteem. What you teach them will last a lifetime.