Curly Hair

Thankful for curls: 4 reasons why I love rocking my curls

Curl Bonding Walking by another curly and giving them the knowing nod. I hear you girl, it’s a lot of work, but we look amazing! We’ve made a ton of friends just saying. HEY! What’s that smell? What did you use today? Is it a leave in? Gel? DO TELL!

An excuse to buy tons of hats. Let’s be honest. Whether we’re having a bad hair day, or just don’t feel like dealing with it, hats are our friends. We love having the excuse to buy more and more. One can never have enough hats we say!

Our curls steal the show You always, always have all eyes on you when you walk in a room. Outfit not perfect? No worries, your hair in all its glory steals the show.

Winter is coming. Us curlies generally have a ton of hair! Our heads stay warm and cozy with a nice layer of natural warmth. Plus, when we rock the beanies whether we’re skiing or just hanging in the lodge, we look extra cute wouldn’t you say?

Us curlies have a bond like no other. Men Women Parents of Curlies, we just KNOW that we are connected in the love (and sometimes frustration) of our hair. We love sharing and seeing pictures of all curlies so be sure to share your pics with us! We love sending products to those who do!

Your curly friend and creator and founder of Royal Locks Hair Care,