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Straight Hair Turning Curly? Here may be WHY.

Is there any woman that doesn’t love shiny, healthy hair? We don’t think so! No matter the age, ethnicity or personal style, hair is a major aspect of every woman’s looks. We all somehow love taking care of our hair whether we do it in 5 minutes or in 2 hours. However, sometimes due to unknown circumstances, our hair can change slightly or even drastically from straight to curly and the process of learning to care for your curls can be daunting.  Why did your hair turn curly in the first place. What could have happened to bring this awesome gift?? 🙂

Here are some of the most common reasons a change like this can occur any time during your life, so you are totally prepared.


Although the genes that our parents gave us are the reason that our hair is straight or curly, sometimes hormones can play a quite important role too. If something triggers the hormone balance in our body and changes it, like puberty, menopause, pregnancy or thyroid dysfunctions, then it is possible to see your straight hair becoming curlier or with gorgeous waves. Our founder experienced this at around age 13 and had to figure out how to handle her curls on her own as her sister and mom had very straight hair!


Strong medication for various reasons like chemotherapy and psoriasis, as well as chemical treatments like a perm you’ve had, can also have an impact on your hair texture resulting on completely different shaped follicles and what else? Curls!

It’s important to make sure you are feeding and caring for your curls from the start, so make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner like our set that will be gentle and moisturizing and keep those curl patterns alive and frizz down. 


As the years go by and we age, certain things start to change. Between those things is the hair of course. Our hair turns grey, becomes a lot thinner and can also change from straight to a wavier, curlier or frizzier style too.

 If you’ve never dealt with frizz before your hair turned grey, this can be daunting but have no fear, our curl cream gel, and party curl cocktail will get you started on the right (and easy) path. 

Now that you know that this situation is completely normal, you can just relax, have fun and start thinking of new ways to style your fabulous curly hair! 

We love helping newly curly people, so hit us up for any advice!