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Sleepy-Time Tips for Curly Hair

Are you tired of having a great hair day and then waking up the next morning with a flat circle on the back of your head? Or waking up to a frizzy mess that halfway resembles a bird’s next? So am I! Thus, I set out on a search to discover how us curly hair people can wake up looking as gorgeous as the night before. I asked ten of my closest friends, with curly hair, what they do to keep their hair looking fresh and bouncy in the morning and this is what they had to say.


Depending on the type of curls you have, sleeping in braids could make your curls tighter or looser. Try experimenting with two to five braids. Whether you make your braids loose, tight, french braids, or regular braids, the outcome will differ. Try several variations to determine what your hair likes the best.

Plop or a plop variation

We have discussed this recently and I need to repeat it here because this will save your curls, when used overnight. Tie up damp hair (with our leave-in conditioner or Dream Cream) in a soft tee shirt, with all of your curls on top. Or tie a silk scarf around your head, with curls on top, to keep from creating the frizz we get from rolling around on our pillow at night.


Satin or silk pillowcase

This is wonderful to help your skin breathe, as well. For curls, sleeping on silk will allow for more movement, without the friction that occurs from your hair rubbing on cotton all night.


Bantu knots and pin curls

Just like they did in the 1950’s! This technique has the added benefit of looking freaking adorable for bedtime. You will wake up with delicious bouncy curls hiding under your cute, little knots. Consider at least eight for the best effect. With damp hair, use a cream leave-in conditioner. Comb and then twist small sections of hair, roll into a tiny bun and use bobby pins to keep them in place while you dream.



If the term pineapple is new to you, then you are in for a treat! Discussed in previous blogs, the pineapple is a wonderful way to keep your hair out of the way. Use your favorite scrunchy to place a loose ponytail directly on top of your head. This is a great way to keep hair out of your face at the gym or yoga class. Dress it up with a headband, scarf, or flowers for a nice daytime change.



I’ve enjoyed trying out all of these sleep tips myself and I hope you will too!