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Shower and Drying Tips for Curly Hair

Let’s start with what not to do! Everyone is taught as a child how to shampoo and condition their hair, through some variation of below:

  • Shampoo and rinse
  • Condition and rinse completely
  • Rub hair vigorously with a towel
  • Comb or brush hair
  • Blow dry or air dry

In spite of everything you have learned, curly hair appreciates a unique routine with a whole new set of rules!


Let’s first discuss shampoo. Once a week, try applying shampoo only at the scalp and skipping the ends of curls, as they tend to be drier and more prone to split ends. For the other six days of the week, you do what is best for your curls!



May we suggest keeping a wide-tooth comb in the shower for use after applying conditioner. Avoid combing and brushing curly locks when they are dry, to decrease the chance of split ends and unwanted frizz. Nobody wants more of those!



Rinse conditioner thoroughly at the roots, while leaving some in the ends of your hair to allow for greater conditioning benefits.



When stepping out of the shower, do you immediately grab a towel and rub your hair back and forth, soaking up all of the drippy water that falls from your ringlets? Well this technique is likely the cause of more frizz than anyone wants to see. Vigorously rubbing the hair will also separate the curls, causing your hair to become bigger and bigger as it dries. Using a soft 100% cotton tee shirt to squeeze the hair, is a gentle way to keep your curls from dripping down your back.


Plopping Method

Consider using the ‘plopping method’, which involves tying a tee-shirt (or hair towel) around your head, covering all of that gorgeous hair, until it has reached the desired dryness. Plopping will leave you with more body and bounce to your curls, as the hair isn’t weighted down as it dries. Plopping can be done before bed if you want to wake up with perfectly dry hair. You can also experiment with only 30 to 60 minutes, when you have less time and don’t mind a little dampness. You can add your favorite leave in conditioner or Royal Locks hair product, prior to plopping. This simple technique has been captured on video. There are several to choose from.

Consider watching the Glam Belle demonstrate plopping with her favorite hair towel:

Or try this one for the tee-shirt technique, from Swavy Curly Courtney:

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