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Sexy Men Have Curly Hair

Are you attracted to men with curly hair? Perhaps you don’t care what type of hair they have as long as they have hair. And then there are those women who find a bald head sexy on a man. We are all unique in our preferences. We may say brains and kindness are more important in the men in our lives, but physical attraction plays a big part and is different for all of us.

A man with soft, long curls, tan skin and muscles would be attractive, most would agree. However, not all curly hairstyles on men highlight their best features. And not all men fully appreciate their curls.

Tight curls are amazing in short hairstyles. You can leave it longer on the top if you want some volume. You will certainly gain attention due to your curls no matter the style you choose- just as women with curly hair receive more attention just because they have curls.

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Conditioning treatments and styling products are a must for men with curly hair and they may have no idea what to use. Consider the Complete Curly Hair Products set for the man in your life who rocks the curly hair. Men also really love our Curl Gel!

For a fun activity for the curly hair couple…Have a spa hair day together which includes:

  • a long soak in a bath
  • shampooing each other’s hair
  • applying a thick, creamy conditioner (Crown Deep Conditioning Mask)

Cover the head in a plastic cap for thirty minutes before rinsing out. Next apply a leave-in conditioner (Curl Rescue), comb through or finger through those curls, and wrap a towel or soft tee shirt over the head for several hours. Perhaps you can give each other a pedicure and listen to podcasts while drinking endless cups of hot tea. Bake some cookies and take pictures of your hair wraps. Laugh at each other!

Enjoy a day of pampering together, celebrating your curly hair! Tag us in the pictures of your next pampering curly-hair spa day!