Curly Hair, Healthy Curls


While we may be tired of the social distancing, our curls are actually LOVING it! Why? We’re likely using less heat and layers of products. It’s turning out to be a great break for our hair. Don’t believe us? Search the hashtag #quaranteinecurls on Instagram!

We recommend continuing to cleanse with a conditioner that is made specifically for curly or wavy hair, or even co-washing if that’s your thing. If you do choose to co-wash, consider alternating with a shampoo so that your scalp is properly cleansed. The most important thing is to keep providing your hair with a lot of moisture. Healthy, moisturized hair means curls that are more defined, behave better, and have less need for an excess of styling products.

See some of our favorite #quarantinecurls selfies below!

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