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A Note From Our Founder (Plus free 🌀 gift)

A note from the creator and founder of Royal Locks Hair Care:

October is my favorite month. Why? Well, it’s Fall …. Need I say more? On top of that it’s my birthday
month ( I was born way too close to Halloween for my mom’s comfort)) and I have a great tradition each
year. I invite all my friends to dinner either at my home or a local restaurant and give each person a gift.
Why? These are my people, my tribe, my family and my inspiration. I honor one more year of life with
them by my side by giving each and every one a gift. Some years everyone gets one of the same items
that I love. Some years it’s all different, but each year it’s looked forward too and a tradition I’m grateful

I wish I could give each of you, my loyal Royal Locks customers, my curly friends an individual gift, but
alas, that would be very overwhelming! So, instead, I’m giving all of you a coupon that will allow you to
stock up or even try out a new product. I hope you use it well and feel free to share with your friends.
Use coupon code GINASBDAY – for 25% off all products through October 30th , 2018.
I want to send a special thanks to everyone who has supported my company this year. This year came a
lot of changes. To think, I started with one product because I was fed up with products that didn’t work
to having a full line of products now available throughout the US and Europe is unbelievable. We may be
growing as a company, but I’m blessed and committed to staying 100% involved with every process of
my business and customers. So, reach out if you haven’t! I love hearing from you.




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