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A Note From Our Founder: My Personal Curly Hair Summer Tips!

Calling all curly girls. Summer is the season of equal parts joy and frustration for your curly hair. It’s joyful to enjoy the warm weather by wearing curly hairstyles that are more casual than your winter norm. But it can also be a time of frizz, unintentional damage and curl unruliness. Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor offers up nine tips for nourishing, hydrating and controlling your curly hair. Learn how to take care of curly hair…all summer long!

Hello all my curly friends,

Gina here, owner and creator of Royal Locks Hair Care. Are you as excited as I am for summer? I’m looking forward to weekends on the lake, long nights on the beach and fun days with the kids at the pool. But, my curls would be cringing if they could. They know what they are in for……chlorine, salt water, lots of sun and wind……

I learned early on some great tricks to keep your hair healthy during the summer without compromising your summer fun and here they are! So, I’m throwing on my Lake Hair Don’t Care Tshirt and going for it this summer. Join me!

Get chopped

See your hairdresser at the beginning and middle of summer. Even for a trim. Keep those ends trimmed and healthy and with a great cut it will make those summer styles easier to manage. My hair grows wild in the summer, so when it’s time for a big chop, this is when I do it.

Prepare your locks for your water sports

Not only does your hair need more moisture in the summer, but filling your hair with moisture before jumping in the lake helps keep it super healthy and from swelling. Of course, swim caps are most preferred, but if you’re like me, and like the wind in your hair, this is the best alternative.  Use a leave in conditioner like my Curl Rescue or Styling Cream like my Dream Cream before swimming, and remember, if you’re jumping in a chlorine filled pool be sure to use a clarifying shampoo and a deep moisture conditioner like my Curl Quench.

Use leave in products that contain moisture

Make sure your products have adequate moisture and conditioners like argan oil, macadamia nut oil, marula oil, etc and use liberally during the hot summer months. I always carry around a bottle of party curl cocktail in my bag. It controls curls, adds argan oil and protects my hair from the sun..for the WIN.

Mask it up

Use a hair mask or deep conditioner more frequently….If you use one twice a month, go to once a week during the summer. Don’t be afraid to over condition (is there such a thing in the summer?). Not only does my “Crown” mask smell  heavenly, it makes my curls feel like they’ve been at a day spa…..

Clean your Curls

Toss your regular shampoo and conditioner (unless you’re already using mine) 😊 for one without sulfates and parabens and with a conditioning agent. Try our Clean Curls shampoo and Curls Quench Conditioner. Remember, no sulfates means less suds, but your curls will thank you for it.

Those are just MY best tips for healthy summer hair, but all curls are not created equal. I’d love to hear some of your tips! Share them with me in the comments section below :).

Have a happy summer!