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Why you need our Curl Cream Gel in your life!

Us curly girls (and guys!) have all tried the latest and greatest products hoping to find that ONE that just WORKS. When it comes to using a gel or a cream to enhance curls, why not have the best of both worlds?


Gels are made to hold hair, whether straight, curly, or wavy. The problem is, not all gels will have the same effects. Some will leave your hair crunchy and wet looking, and some will flake off all over your shoulders throughout the day – not fun! That’s because those gels are typically cheap and contain a lot of alcohols which are drying to your curls. Good gels will be moisturizing and give you soft, defined curls. The key is to apply them to your hair when it’s wet and only lightly towel-dried. Then, once dry, you just scrunch out any slight crunchiness!


Creams are moisturizing, smoothing, and defining! They do not generally leave any flakes and they control frizz, which is a huge plus for curly hair. However, creams don’t provide as much hold as gels do, which is a downside.

Curl Cream Gel

When a cream and a gel are combined, they make up for the shortcomings of each other and provide a truly phenomenal product! Our Curl Cream Gel is specifically designed to be lightweight, moisturizing and have great ultra-defining hold for your curls. It stops frizz, moisturizes with Moroccan Argan Oil and defines with a specially formulated cream gel all in one step!

It also has better hold than your average curl cream, is less oily than a leave in oil, and won’t leave your hair crunchy like a gel or a mousse. No more using multiple products to style your hair!

Try our Curl Cream Gel!