Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Hair Styles

Naturally Curly Hair Styles

Hello girls with the curls! Just like you, your beautiful hair has a mind of it’s own. Here are some naturally curly hair styles when those strands get unruly. When those curls are not cooperating, don’t panic! You can give your curls a style that is sure to enhance your personality.

Top Knot
You can make this your everyday hairstyle. All you’ve got to do is to gather all your curls into a ponytail and tie them up. Now,divide your hair into two equal parts and wrap them around your ponytail. Secure them with a bobby pin. Set the bun with your fingers if needed.

Braided Headband
This is one of the best naturally curly hairstyles to keep those curls away your from your eyes. It helps your curly strands from sticking in your face, especially in a humid climate. You just need to take the front section and make a braid that covers your front hair like a headband.

Braid Out
The braid out is one of the easiest naturally curly hairstyles to keep your hair managed. Divide your hair into two sections and simply braid them when going to bed and let your sleep do the work. Remove the braid in the morning. This style will give different patterns to your curls. Apply Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel to settle your curls and you are ready for the day. 

Slicked Back Ponytail
This naturally curly style will keep your curls down and out of your face. Apply Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel  through your hair and then use a brush to make your top section straighten down into a pony. Secure your hair with an elastic band. You can add volume by ruffling your fingers into your pony.

Crown Twist
The crown twist takes just a few minutes. Take a few strands or a small portion of your hair from one side and twist that section toward the back and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the same process on the other side, and you will get an adorable style.

Natural curls come with good days. After all; curls are a blessing even when they are difficult to manage. All the above hairstyles for curly hair can be formed in less than ten minutes. These naturally curly hairstyles will keep you looking as gorgeous as ever. Embrace your natural beauty!

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