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Making Long Curly Hair Great Again!


With long curly hair, you have many options for looking fabulous. There is no need to wear the same hairstyle again and again.

  • Play around with a tiny bun on top. Lift the front and sides of hair, twist into a bun and fasten. Let the rest of your hair cascade down around your shoulders.
  • Use sparkly clips to keep hair off your face.
  • Try a headband to add some color and keep little flyaways from tickling your face.
  • Braids, buns, and a well-groomed ponytail are perfect when you don’t want to fuss with your hair for a few days. Feel confident knowing your hair will continue to look great!

Check out the following this blog for hairstyles!

Choose an experienced hairstylist specializing in curly hair

When you want to maintain your long curls, you need to have healthy hair to do so. Regular trims will help keep the ends frizz-free without losing length. Returning every 4-6 weeks is important so make the investment in this pampering process to keep your curls lovely.

Whether it’s your first visit with a new hairstylist or you have been going there for years, share some info as soon as you sit in the padded chair.

  1. What do you love about your hair?
  2. What frustrates you about your hair?
  3. What is your goal for this visit?

It’s common for hairstylists to thin hair out from the under-layer of curly hair. If you don’t want this, speak up.

Post shower tips

Using a wide-tooth comb or a wet detangler brush on your hair, post shower, is recommended while hair is still wet. You can also apply your favorite product to your fingers and finger-comb through your hair. Keep a spray bottle handy to keep hair moist during this process. Divide the hair into several sections and work on one section at a time. Brush or comb the ends first and slowly work your way up to the scalp, holding each section of hair tight to help loosen knots gently without causing damage.

Sleep tips

Separate hair into sections and twist or make loose buns on the top of your hair. This will keep hair from tangling as you toss and turn in bed. Think about comfort when deciding which style to use at night. Remember on Little House on The Prairie, how all of the women and girls slept in braids to keep their long hair from tangling during the night? Straight and curly hair can benefit from this technique of bedtime hairstyles.