Curly Hair, Healthy Curls

Hydrating Curly Hair

Many of us with wavy or curly hair get frustrated when we see other people with what we call “curl goals”. Good news though – we can have beautiful locks we just want to flaunt.

Condition often and and especially after cleansing.

It all starts with hydration to keep curls healthy and minimize frizz. Frizz is just a curl that needs more moisture! We recommend cleansing only a few times per week (or co-washing if your hair does better with that), and you should apply a good amount of conditioner every time!

Here’s a tip when it comes to properly applying conditioner – do it gently, but also focus on your most frizzy areas! Some of us have the most frizz at the top, so be sure to focus on that area…even though we’ve all been told to only condition the ends, it’s not always the best thing to do!

Don’t Over-Rinse

This one also depends on your specific hair type and will require some experimentation. Instead of rinsing all of the conditioner out of your hair, try standing out of the stream of the shower and fill your hands or a cup with water and pour it over your hair to GENTLY rinse.

Again, how much conditioner you leave in depends on what works best for your personal curl and hair texture. For example, if leaving some in weighs your hair down, then definitely do rinse all of it out, BUT apply some leave-in conditioner when you are styling.

Deep Condition Regularly

We can all tell when our hair starts to feel a little dry. For me, it’s whenever I’m in the shower and I first wet my hair. If it feels dry and takes a while to soak all the way through, I know it’s time for my deep conditioning! We make a great deep conditioner that comes with a shower cap to use while it sits.