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Holiday Hair!

It’s that time again and we want you to look stunning! Consider a new hairstyle this season to show off your glamourous self, at holiday parties and gatherings. If you have mastered the art of French braids, try a fancy braided-headband style, over your traditional long braid. If braids are not your thing, I’ve listed several quick and easy choices for you. For a little extra glam, use a sparkly hair clip, easily found at craft stores and pharmacies, this season.

Wear it down!

Consider wearing your hair down and as big as it can be. Add a festive bow, piece of holly, or a sparkly twig from the craft store, to the side.

Braided headband!

Make a braided headband and let your beautiful face be highlighted. Part your hair at the top of your head in a circle, starting at one ear and ending at the next. You will be pulling out hair from your crown, about 1-2 inches wide. Place the hair that’s in the back, in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Lean forward, allowing all of your hair to fall in your face. Start a thin braid at one ear, pulling small sections in, as you work yourself around the crown. End this French-braid at the other ear. Use a small band to end and then use a bobby pin to tuck the end of the braid behind your ear. Undo your ponytail and fluff up your curls.

Princess Leia buns!

Try Princess Leia buns. This hairstyle is perhaps, the most recognizable movie hairdo in all the world! I love buns that are loose, with curly hair. They allow for fly-away curls to pop out, instead of neatly groomed, tight buns, like Carrie Fisher wore so well. Add a ribbon around each bun or sparkly scrunchies, for some extra flair.

Little twists!

For long or short hairstyles, twist the hair off of your face. Using “bobby pins” in the color of your choice, twist small sections away from your face. Depending on how far you pull the twists back, more or less of your curls will fan out behind you. Whether you choose 4 or 8 sections, you are guaranteed to look fabulous!


Add a pop of color to whichever hairstyle you choose. Purchase spray color from the pharmacy, for a one-day change. You can also use sidewalk chalk, which comes in a multitude of colors. If your hair color is dark, consider a hot pink or a similar dark shade. For blonde hair, any color chalk would show up well, minus white and yellow. For red hair, consider blues, greens, or reds.

Whatever you choose, wear your curls proudly to all of your holiday events! Tag us in your selfies on Instagram with #royallockshaircare