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Have you ever straightened your hair before?

Most people with curly hair have straightened it at some point in their lives. Whether you have tried temporary measures such as a straightening iron or a chemical process, there are some tips that you should know. Deciding which method to choose can be a hard one. And depending on your hair length and the type of curls that you own, some are better for you than others. I will list the most non-invasive and least destructive methods first.

Long hair bun method

This will not give you straight hair, exactly, however your hair will lose tiny and kinky curls and come out looking sleek and smoother than before. The result may have bouncy curls at the bottom or waves. After showering, comb through and apply our curl cream.

If you choose to sleep in wet buns, apply one or two tight buns on the top of your head, to allow the hair to dry overnight. If doing this in the daytime, be sure to allow 6-8 hours before taking them down. Buns can be low to give more straightening power to the front and sides of your hair.

Before taking the buns out, use a hair dryer to make sure they are as dry as can be. If you are fortunate to be in a wintery place with a fire, sit in front of the fire for an hour or more (yoga, read, or watch a movie with hot cocoa).

Straightening iron method

Not all straightening irons are the same. So, choose carefully. Titanium, ceramic, and steam are among a few of the endless choices. Steam irons are gaining in popularity to lessen the damaging effects of applying extreme heat to your hair. However, depending on the type of curls you have, the effects may not last as long as traditional straight irons.

Using completely dry hair, separate hair into one-inch sections. Start at the top and sandwich hair sections in between the blades. Three to five seconds per section is appropriate, as you slowly move the iron down to your roots.

  • Furiden professional hair styler is a ceramic flat iron that comes with a paddle brush. They also have a 5-star rating, although less reviews are on-line than the La Reve. Prices are around $65-$80.
  • Furiden also makes a steam flat iron that ranges between $56 and $80. “Steam hydration system helps prevent heat damage, leaving your hair looking noticeably healthier, softer and sleeker.” The resulting style should last for several days in a row.

Chemical treatment methods are not all the same!

Japanese straightening is a type of thermal reconditioning which combines a chemical treatment with heat. It alters the makeup of your hair by loosening the protein bonds and reshapes the hair cells. Sounds pretty sci-fi to me! I haven’t tried this method but I know friends who have and they loved it. The complete process can take over six hours, so plan ahead! The results can last about six months. Whether you do this once or twice, do your research as it can cause damage to your hair.

Keratin treatments are perhaps the most common. They use a natural protein that is already in our hair. A flat iron is used after the product is applied, to smooth the hair out. Results last about six months and can actually improve your hair texture over time. These treatments are expensive, as prices vary from salon to salon. However, this method has the least amount of risks for the longest results.

Chemical straightening is perhaps the most damaging to your hair. They actually break the protein bonds in your hair, which causes curly and wavy hair to be straight. It is well worth it to have a professional take care of the process as it is easy to cause problems if too many bonds are broken. This treatment is expensive, depending on which salon you choose.

We hope you LOVE your curls, but if you are curious about taking a short break from your curly-head, we want to be sure you make an informed decision that won’t cause lasting damage to your hair.