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Hair Accessories for all of your Curly Hairs

Let’s talk accessories for curly hair of all sizes and textures!


Hair scarves

Check out Pinterest for many styles of wrapping your hair with scarves to keep your beautiful face more visible. Try wrapping it around your head like a headband, tying at the base of your head and letting the long ends hang down your back. Or play around with tying all of your hair up, turban-style. Choosing a colorful scarf, when wearing all black can add a little bit of magic to your night.


These hair bands are wonderful for thick hair, curly hair, and fine hair. They are made of copper, enabling them to last longer and they are more durable than your typical hair band. They have a soft silicone coating with tiny little pillow grips to keep from pinching or pulling the hair. These bands are waterproof and great for wearing when performing sports activities. PONY-O bands hold your hair up, without dragging it down. For thick, curly hair, it feels light, as if you are wearing nothing at all. Do you know that crease that you get after removing a ponytail? PONY-O will leave your hair crease-free!


Side braids

Consider adding a short French braid to one or both sides of your head. Start the braid at your ear and go up, ending about an inch above the ear. You can add beads or a shiny clip to the top, for some added bling.


Depending on your head size and the thickness of your hair, headbands can be your friend or your foe. Claire’s Boutique has a wide selection of headbands to try, the next time you find yourself at the mall. Consider those wrapped in fabric, mimicking the look of a thin scarf tie. Headbands made of stretchy cloth that fit over your head and then are pushed up, can cover small to large portions of hair.