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Got no Curls? Get a Perm!

Perms were all the rage in the 80’s and now they are making a comeback. If you envy your friend’s curls and your hair lays flat, you can have gorgeous curly hair as well. However, there are some things to consider before you make an appointment at the salon.

Start with healthy hair

A permanent is a chemical process that can leave dry and damaged hair even more damaged. Make sure to get your hair into good condition before having a perm. A deep conditioning treatment and a good cut will go a long way towards creating healthy hair.

Hair length

Shoulder length or longer hair will create the best curls. If your hair is short and full of layers, you may end up looking like a Grandma from the 80’s. Long straight hair will work best and create spiral curls or wavy hair depending on the size of the rollers used.

Long lasting

Perms last for 3-6 months before losing their shape. Make sure this is something you want to commit to before going through the process. Consider sleeping in foam rollers or twist curlers for a curly hair day as a trial. Try out different hairstyles with your new temporary curls. Use a headband, try a ponytail and an updo for a glimpse into your new style.

Consult with your stylist

Consider a video call or an in person visit to get a professional hair dresser’s opinion. They will be able to look at your hair and advise you on how your hair may respond to a perm.

Avoid hair color

It is best to avoid coloring your hair before and after a perm to avoid excessive damage and drying effects. Coloring your hair one to two weeks prior or after a perm is a safe bet.

Avoid chlorine and delay shampooing

Just like with new hair color, it’s best to avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs for the first 3 days after receiving a perm. The longer you go without your first hair washing, the better for long lasting curls. It is recommended to wait at least 48 hours to avoid uneven curls.


Depending on which solution your stylist uses for your perm, you may notice a smell for a few days, until you can shampoo it for the first time. It’s better to not plan a perm before a big event or a first date. Give your new hair a week to settle and time for you to get used to styling those curls.

Enjoy your new head of curls while using Royal Locks Haircare products!