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Fun Curly Hairstyles

We all LOVE our curls, but sometimes trying new hairstyles can be frustrating. We’ve put together a list of fun hairstyles for you to try that work well for curly locks!

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Casual Bun

Tie your locks into a bun, and conceal the hair tie with a floral scarf.

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Pinned Back

Pin back your curls with a stylish barrette or bobby pins.

Pineapple (one of our faves!)

If you have curly or wavy hair, you’re definitely familiar with the pineapple hairstyle! It’s so easy and looks adorable.

Space Buns

These are fun! You can leave some hair down or pull all of it into two cute buns.

Half Up/Half Down with Braid

This look can be dressed up or down. You can add flowers or a bow. The braid really makes it stand out!

Messy Topknot

This one is quick and easy! You can also sleek it up a bit for a formal event or date night.

Relaxed Ponytail

Ultra-high, sleek ponytails and low messy ponytails have been trending, but this reliable mid-range ponytail works great on curly-haired girls. It has volume and body from the curls, giving some much-needed personality to the look.