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The Five Biggest Curly Hair Mistakes

The Five Biggest Curly Hair Mistakes

Hey curly girls and boys! Your curly hair can look fantastic and attract wanted attention and complements or send you to the closet for a hat or bandana. I am here to share five biggest curly hair mistakes that can make you cringe when you look in the mirror and tell you how to avoid them.

Curly Hair Mistake 1: The Wrong Haircut

Hairstylists often treat curly hair the same as wavy or straight hair when cutting. You might have experienced a stylist that gets your hair wet and straight for cutting. No No No!

Numerous times I have had a stylist wash and straighten my hair then blow dry. But as soon as I give my hair the first wash after a cut it’s a disaster. Your hair can be wet but must be curly when cut. This is the only way to see how your hair behaves when curly and to get the best cut.

Curly Hair Mistake 2: Scrunching

I was shown how to scrunch to style years ago and this makes a mess. After you wash and rinse do not touch your hair! Part and gently and comb with conditioner still on. Then rinse and only gently blot the ends of your hair. Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible.

Curly Hair Mistake 3: Shunning Layers

There is a myth that layers in curly hair cause poofy, frizzy hair. Layers are vital for curly hair! When you do not have layers will have the witch hat or triangle head! When you have layers cut in your hair this is the best way to give your hair body and shape. Layers should always be rounded.

Curly Hair Mistake 4: Combing Wet Curly Hair

Most curly hair people know that combing dry curly hair makes hair unmanageable and frizzy.  So should you comb you hair wet? The stylists comb your hair during the cut and but if you get involved and style they go for the diffuser and start scrunching and spraying your hair. Now you are entering the frizz zone.

The trick is after you have combed your wet hair is to rinse with water… even after a style. The water will bring your curls to shape without the frizz. Comb with a conditioner then rinse to get your hair back to its naturally curly state.

Curly Hair Mistake 5: Using the Wrong Products and Application

Our curly hair is normally drier than other hair types and needs moisture. To get that shiny bouncy finish use Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel … a hybrid 3 in 1 proprietary blend cream and gel with a leave in moisturizer for your curls. This professional ultra curl cream gel will define your curls. You will have fanciful bouncy curls that hold without being crunchy.

Avoid the 5 biggest curly hair mistakes and will bring out your beautiful natural curls… and you can leave your hats in the closet!