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Fall is Coming!

Fall will be here before we know it, which means colder weather – yay! But, that also means it’s time to adjust your hair care routine.

Fall and winter both increase the risk of excessively dry hair. So what can you do to help keep your curls moisturized and looking great?

Pre-Wash Treatment

Before shampooing, treat your hair with an oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment. Your hair and scalp will both soak up that extra moisture they so desperately need.

Less Shampoo

You many even consider shampooing less frequently during the fall and winter months. Whether that means skipping more days in between washes, or co-washing for a while, it can really help your curls not become too brittle.

More Deep Conditioning

We know we already mentioned this, but do it more! Especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside in cold, windy weather. If you want to take it a step further, add heat during the treatment. We actually have the perfect product for this: here.


You have some great options for styling during the winter. Did you know that braiding your hair helps keep moisture in? You can also wear a hat – but this can be tricky because not all hats will fit right. Here are a few hats that work well for curls:

SLAP hat: a beanie-like hat that protects your curls and has satin lining to prevent frizz.

Silk or satin headscarf: Looks great with a pineapple style or a curly bun!

Backless Cap: Because let’s face it…a regular cap won’t stay on over those beautiful curls!


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