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Don’t let your hairstyle add years to your gorgeous face!

Perhaps you have had the same hairstyle for ten years. You know your curly hair well and have found the best way to style it. However, perhaps your face has changed shape. Maybe gray hairs are peeking through. It might be time to update your look to give you that youthful glow, that you once had.

We all know the short curly look of grandmothers in the south. This is the same style they wore in the 60’s and 70’s. Now the hairs have turned white and gray and they are showing their age more than ever. Short hair is in. Tall, thin supermodels wear this look with style and grace, and can put in minimal effort to do so. Gone are the days of perfectly groomed short hair. Using hairspray to keep all hairs in place, creates a stiff look that can be contributed to your personality. Nobody wants this!

When choosing a short haircut, look for a stylist who knows how to cut with a straight-edge razor. A hairdresser who knows how to layer and add depth to thin and fine hair, will reverse your age appearance by five to ten years.

Consider letting those gray hairs run wild, suppressing the desire to keep up with highlights. Adding white or silver streaks can enable a striking look when framing your face, as you age. Using gel or paste to spike hair up on top, the back, or the sides will give you an edge that you may not have known you had. We have two gel options: Curl Cream Gel, which is a mix of gel and cream, and Curl Gel, which is just that!

Bangs or no bangs? This decision must not be made lightly as it will dramatically change your look. Depending on how curly your hair is, bangs could fall in gorgeous ringlets or stand up into a frizzy ball, creating an afro-affect. Either way, these styles are in and if you believe you can wear them with confidence, do it!

Think about Flashdance star, Jennifer Beals. Compare her looks from her movie, Flashdance, to her six seasons on The L Word. Her hair evolved over the years, however her many curly hairstyles have continued to look hot on herself and women everywhere. Curly is where it’s at. Be confident and be bold! Wear that hair like no one else can!

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