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Don’t dread the winter hat!

Isn’t hat-hair the worst for curly hair? I think so! However, it can be a sexy and adorable look, so don’t avoid it every time the cold weather demands it. Ringlets cascading around your face with a cozy warm hat on top is a hot look! You can leave it on in restaurants and at church. A winter hat is not considered rude to wear indoors as a ball cap can be.

Exercise with a hat!

If you are going for a run or doing any sweaty activity, expect your crown to be flat or full of frizz when you remove your hat. When planning a social event after running in a warm hat, go into a bathroom with hand dryers and dry your head. Once the sweat dries- fluff up your curls with wet hands. The underlying salt from your sweat may create beautiful bounce once you add moisture.

Travel size conditioner!

Consider bringing a small tube of conditioner or a mini-spray bottle of leave-in conditioner with you. (LINK ROYAL HAIR) Use this to freshen up your flat, dry, or frizzy hair after removing a hat. If using thick conditioner, wet your hands and apply a small amount to your palm. Scrunch your curls from the top of your head down. The ends of your hair are likely to be dry from being in the cold and will likely need a little moisture added as well.

Be pro-active!

Plan your hairstyle around your hat. Pull long curly hair back into a low ponytail. Your hair will not change much with or without the hat. You may notice fly-away curls around your face and this is when adding moisture will be helpful. Spraying conditioner will perk up these tiny curls. Or bring hairspray if you want to slick your hair back.

Plan on a hat!

There are days when you may want to cover your head with a hat, even if it’s not appropriate. Buy knit hats that are not too hot to wear on those “bad hair days.” Fluff up the ends of your hair and cover the unruly top of your head! Skip shampooing when your hair is oily and call it a hat day!