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Customers Showing Me Love

It seriously makes my day when I get feedback emails or great reviews from my customers. I’m sharing them here not to toot my own horn, but because they just may help you find the perfect combination of products for your hair.


Hello Gina, 
Thank you for your email and thank you for providing such a product!
I love how my curly hair looks, smells and feels 🙂
I moved recently to the states and was desperate in finding products and good salons for my hair. After reading the excellent reviews on Amazon about Royal Locks Hair Care, I placed my order and I am so glad that I did so.
I have been using the product for 4 days and cannot be more satisfied!
Thank you again for your care and professionalism!  Maya

I absolutely love this one product due to it being the only one to help my hair type and hold my natural curls with a healthy product! 

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Hi Gina! Your Timing is so funny! I got this email as I was having my husband feel my hair with the new product from you! It is the softest it has ever been I can send you a picture if you like I have naturally curly hair that can easily fro so I usually use gel or mouse which make my hair crunchy and sometimes stringy. If you have other products like shampoo and conditioner hair spray whatever I would love to hear about them I have never seen your products in store it was an impulse buy.
Thanks for reaching out! 
Your New curly haired friend Desarae’

Hi Gina,

First of all, I absolutely love the products!  I’ve only tried the Dream Cream and the Pro Curl Cream Gel so far, but they’re amazing.  I’ve been using Curlfriends products for many years and was satisfied for a long time, but my hair seems to respond differently since I moved from South Florida to California 3 years ago.  The Royal Locks creams are defining my curls and controlling frizz where Curlfriends wasn’t working any longer.
My one issue is with the bottle pumps.  One of them will not pop up.  When I turn it to open, the top pump part just falls off. Is it possible to get a replacement for this?  (immediate replacement sent!) 
Thanks so much,

Hey there gina, I after using your product for a couple weeks now i must say that I am really enjoying your haur product very much! It really brings my curls together and i’m really liking the results. I will definitely continue to support you! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Much love, 


I have thin curly hair, middle of my back long and I don’t like to wash it every day due to hair loss. So today I used it dry, all over! Scrunched it a bit and left it alone!! It calmed the frizzy fly-aways and gave me great curls!!! Still playing with the new products and amounts but I hope to rock these locks this summer instead of fighting the frizz!!


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