Curly Phrases- Do You Know?

Test your curly-hair-term knowledge!

Raking Method

This refers to using your fingers to apply product in wet hair, by running your fingers through, like a rake.


One of the most well-known terms: scrunching! This means applying product in your hands and then grabbing your hair repeatedly. Hold and release, hold and release. Do not do this with wet curls. For best curly results, don’t touch your hair much while wet, wait until it is completely dry to play with and style your hair. Gently apply leave-in-conditioner or product to wet hair without moving the hair around. Then hands-off!


This term isn’t specific to those with curly hair, but it was designed with curly hair in mind. It refers to the method of actually painting on highlights to dry strands of hair, so you can see it clearly during the process. The phrase comes from Deva Curl.

Carve and Slice

This is a method of cutting curls wet with a slicing technique on the inner layers. It helps to thin out very thick curls.


This reference stands for: leave-in-conditioner, oil, cream. This is a method for de-frizzing hair by applying leave-in-conditioner to freshly washed hair, then oil (coconut oil is my favorite), then hair cream. This treatment is especially nice in the summertime when hair is dry from the effects of the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools.

Big Chop

We are talking about starting anew with fresh curls by chopping off all of the split ends. When you have very curly hair that is long, over time the split ends will take a toll. Sometimes the only way to bring the bounce and spring back to your hair is to take this drastic measure. Hair will grow back! Think of it as a cleanse and enjoy soft curls again with this drastic technique.

Curly Cut

Curly Cut means having your hairdresser cut your hair dry when you want the least amount of hair chopped off. This will allow your stylist to visibly see the split ends to minimize cutting off more hair than necessary.

Twist Out

This refers to separating your hair into two even sections and twisting them together when wet. While hair is wet, apply your favorite moisturizing product before twisting. Allow the hair to completely dry before untwisting. This method is best done before bed so you can sleep on it.