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Curly Hair Trends For Spring 2018

Let’s be honest, curls are always on trend and Spring is no exception! In 2018 you can expect to see half-slicked ponytails, Curly lobs, Curly pixie cuts and even curly bangs! Let’s just say Spring 2018 is going to be a beautiful season for curly hair everywhere.

Issa Rae’s Half-Slicked Ponytail
Rae’s perfect sphere of kinky curls keeps her slicked-back ponytail from feeling too stiff or severe.

Lily Nova’s Curly Lob

Please bow down to Nova’s super-natural (and, honestly, supernatural) curls, which prove that frizz is anything but a bad word.

Ursula Corbero’s Curly Pixie
“But I can’t cut my hair short! I have curly h—” is what you were about to say, before you saw Corbero’s insanely gorgeous curly pixie, which is the very definition of tousled and messy.

Zendaya’s Shag-Inspired Bangs

It’s hard to compete with a sparkly rhinestone suit, but the messy bangs and full curls easily hold their own.

Jess Glynne’s Curly Lob

Further proof that the lob works in every iteration, even with thick, brushed-out curls.

Julia Garner’s Halo of Curls

Tight corkscrew curls can be tough to work with when your hair is longer, which is why we’re all about this cropped shape that resembles a wild burst of curls on top of Garner’s head. *Cue the Beyoncé track*

Show us your curly hair trends for Spring at #RoyalLocksHairCare!

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