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Curly Hair Tips for the Summer






Summer brings poolside lounging, cold drinks, short shorts, and dry hair! We want you to look and feel fabulous while enjoying the rest of summer, so here are a few curly hair care tips!

Beat the Heat☀️

Styling with heat is NOT good during the already sweltering summer months. Consider letting your hair air-dry and scrunch with a curl cream or gel (try ours curl cream gel combo here)!

If you don’t LOVE styling your hair without heat, try these fun styles!









🍍Cute Pineapple Up-do!🍍









Half up/half down top knot!









Pigtail Buns!


Condition, Condition, Condition!

You already know that the summer heat severely dries out your curls. So, you MUST condition like crazy! Take it to the next level with a leave-in conditioner (try ours here)!



No, we don’t mean your hair. Drinking plenty of fluids, and extra when outside in the heat, will do your curls good.









☀️Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to tag your Instagram selfies with #royallockshaircare to be featured!☀️