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Curly Hair Tips for Men

As I write the above title, I know the same tips apply to women, men, and the whole rainbow spectrum of LGBTQIA, who are blessed to have curly locks. With that said, I shall name some styling tips aimed at men, who may not otherwise read the other wonderful blogs designed predominately with women in mind.

First, I must share my opinion, that people will naturally flock to you men with curls, no matter how unruly you may think your tresses are. In general, curly hair will not show shine the way straight hair does. Curly hair tends to be drier. Haircuts are best done when hair is dry. Lastly, don’t skip the conditioner in the shower! Ever!

Whether you choose a short haircut or a long one, there are some basic rules to follow to get the most out of that hair of yours.


Super Curly

You know if you are in this category! Keeping the sides and back short, while leaving the top long, will lessen frizz and still give you options. When the top and front of the hair is long, you can allow curls to hang slightly over the eye brows for a tousled look or push them to the side. When those curls become bothersome (yard-work, sports, and sweaty days), try a top knot with an elastic. If hair is left long, be sure to use a leave-in conditioner to reduce frizz and dryness.


Thick and Wavy

Keeping this style long, will not involve a lot of maintenance. Keep the ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks to avoid split-ends. Condition hair with each washing. Instead of towel drying, gently blot the hair with a towel or soft cotton tee shirt and allow the rest to air dry. Making a spray bottle of water with a few squirts of your favorite conditioner, will allow you to spray and go quickly, after showers. Try shaving the back, while letting the rest of the hair fall over the face, to thin out thick hair.


Want more volume and bounce?

Ask for more layers at your next barber shop appointment.


Do you think mouse is the best styling product for your curls?

Who wants hard curls? There are so many more products on the market these days, designed especially for curly hair. Try Royal Locks Dream Cream, designed for thick, curly hair. This will leave the hair bouncy and soft and totally frizz-free.


Love that look after a long day of surfing at the beach?

You could always swim in the ocean every morning! That sounds like a great day for me. Or you can buy a pre-made salt spray to add to your hair when it’s wet. The salt gives hair more volume and thickness.


Tired of tangles after your shower?

Keep a wide tooth comb in the shower and use it after applying conditioner.