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Curly Hair is Loud

“Curly hair is messy; curly hair is chutzpah; curly hair is loud and has a lot to say.” -NYT, 2016

I recently read an article from New York Times Style Magazine about curly hair and whether it is in style or not. I have been paying attention to celebrities with naturally curly hair over the years and have noticed the trends are changing. For the past couple of years, those who were straightening their hair are now wearing it au-natural again. Perhaps part of the ripples of the women’s movement have freed many women from feeling a need to tame their gorgeous and wild hair.

“But natural curls are slowly making their way back into fashion. The very things curly hair has been maligned for — effortlessness, devil-may-care irreverence — are right now the height of cool. It’s a feminist statement, one that says my hair, and by extension me, cannot be contained.” -NYT, 2016

I found myself wondering if curly hair should be talked about as a fashion statement or just a natural trait that some people have. Not everyone with curly hair wants to straighten or smooth down their curls. Having curly hair shouldn’t define you or give you a complex. It’s not like having a tattoo on your wrist, showing prospective employers that you made a bold choice. It’s about choosing to wash-and-go or choosing to spend hours trying to manage something that has a mind of its own.

I decided to read some of the comments after the article and was delighted to find that others shared my view and wonderings.

“Curly hair is not a choice or a quirk or wild-ness or any other personality trait, it’s just hair. It’s not “messy” or “lazy”, either, it’s just curly. To straighten it for most of us would require a level of dedication and upkeep that does feel suppressive. It doesn’t matter to me at all if a fashion editor declares my hair in fashion, that is no one’s right.”
-Comment after NYT article

I believe the unknown person who left this comment should write her own article. If you are reading this, I support you!

In Praise of Naturally Curly Hair, Marisa Meltzer, May 12, 2016
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