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Curly Hair – Fact or Fiction?

Play a game with us!

Whether you have curly hair or know someone who does, you have learned some things about curly hair over your lifetime. Let’s test your knowledge on some curly hair facts.

It’s time to play: FACT or FICTION!

  1. Curly hair is shaped like an elongated oval, growing at a sharp angle.
  2. Curly hair is stronger than fine, straight hair.
  3. People love it when you play with their curls!
  4. The reason curly hair is dryer is because it’s easier for the oils to be secreted from the scalp down to straight hair.
  5. Applying mayonnaise on hair is a great conditioner for curls.

Scroll to the bottom for the answers and read on for the discussion!

Curls are delicate!

As far as #2 goes, curly hair is delicate and may be fine as well. Curls are prone to breakage and damage, just like straight hair. Because the hair tends to be drier when curls are involved, the hair can become weaker. This is why it is uber important to moisturize your curls with a good leave in conditioner or curl cream after showering. Because it is harder for your scalp oils to travel down curly hair, conditioning products are a must!

Trim those split ends!

Even if you don’t brush your hair, the ends of your curls take a beating on a daily basis. The more split ends you have, the more damaged your hair will become. Aim for a haircut at least every 3 to 6 months to keep the ends of your curls looking healthy and fresh.

Ask before you touch!

This goes without saying. But so many people can’t help themselves! Your curls are magical and mysterious to straight hair people. They love it so much, that they can’t resist placing their fingers in your curls! Always ask before touching someone’s body, their hair, or the clothes they are wearing. Don’t ask and touch at the same time. Wait for a response and respect the answer.


People are trying DIY tips for curly hair that have no solid evidence to back up the claims that they are beneficial to the hair. Mayonnaise, bananas, and raw eggs have all been advised as amazing natural leave-in conditioners for curly hair. “Yet food particles are naturally too large and not refined enough to be able to penetrate the hair shaft,” advises Saulo O’Deorain, founder of the Curly Look Salon in Dublin, Ireland. The end result of applying food to your hair can end up with excess residue, preventing water from penetrating hair during your washing.

Conditioners and creams for your curls!

Be smart with your curls and they will love you in return!

Answers to FACT or FICTION

  1. Fact
  2. Fiction
  3. So, this is usually FICTION! Although everyone is different!
  4. Fact
  5. Fiction