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The Curly Guide To Holiday Time Savers

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Parties, hosting, shopping and looking fabulous can all be a lot to handle. These holiday tips and time savers will keep you focused, and refreshed!

Shop When Others Don’t (or even online!)

To avoid getting your bags—and your holiday spirit—crushed by throngs of weekend shoppers, take advantage of retail stores’ extended weekday hours…or even online!

Set a Time Limit for Cleaning (Seriously, Take a Break!)

When prepping for a holiday party, give yourself a limited window of time to do the necessary cleaning—like two hours the night before the guests arrive. Housekeeping tasks can easily expand to fill the available time; a time limit creates much-needed discipline.

De-stress By Quickly Nourishing Your Curls!

Nourish your curls and relieve that holiday tension with our 10-minute Crown Mask! The power-packed fusion works to stimulate and restore vital hydration for your waves and curls allowing them to form into their natural patterns beautifully. De-stress and nourish your curls this holiday season!