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Curls Against Humidity: Humidity Hacks For Curly Hair

The humidity this summer is out of control – or is that just me!?

One foot out the door and BAM my curls start expanding like nobodies business.

Luckily, there are some curly hair humidity hacks (that I’m about to pass on to you) that are UH-mazing!

Deep Condition.

Deep conditioning is going to be your new best friend this Summer. There’s nothing your curls love more than fueling them with a deep conditioning mask like this one.

I mean it, deep condition like you never have before.

….Because hydrated hair will be less likely to look for moisture in the atmosphere. Keeping hair moisturized is key to preventing frizz.

Stick To Your Routine.

Everyone’s curls are different, especially in the humidity! So, finding (and sticking) with a routine is a MUST.

Take my routine for example. I get out of the shower, put some leave-in in my hair, then some dream cream and curl spray!

This is my magical routine – and it could be yours! But again, everyone’s curls are different so find what works best for you.

What are your tips to help fight frizz in the humidity? Do you change up your hair routine in the summer?  Sound off in the comments below!