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Curls Gone Gray

Are you still covering your gray roots with your natural hair color? If the grays are coming through, then this is your natural hair color! Now more than ever, women are letting those gray hairs peek out. It can be very freeing to stop the highlights and embrace what is happening to your hair. You just might get more compliments with a salt and pepper sprinkle!

For years I have admired women who let their gray hair frame their face. How bold and brazen they are, I would think. I actually went up to women and told them how dynamic they looked. For a full year, I continued with light blonde highlights to cover my gray, despite my desire to let them come in full force. About six months ago I stopped coloring my hair and have been surprised at how freeing I feel.

In this day and age of embracing your unique self, it is the perfect time to let those curls bounce and allow the gray to come in. Since curly hair is also prone to being dry, there are some things you need to know about the changes that come with the gray.

Truths about gray curls

Gray hair can come in silver, dull gray, or white. The texture is more course. These new hairs may stick out around your face in an unruly pattern. Certain shampoos’ may cause them to yellow. Your hair will have a harder time keeping its moisture.

Tips for gray curls!

  • Use a purple shampoo that is designed for silver and gray hair. It will keep the grays from turning yellow and give them more shine.
  • Use a weekly or monthly conditioning treatment or mask to add extra moisture to your gray hair.
  • Smooth down new gray growth with your favorite hair cream or conditioning mask, when they stick up. These unruly hairs are just a phase. As they grow longer, they will blend in with your curls better. Resist the urge to pluck them, as they will just keep coming back.
  • If you don’t like the way your grays are coming in, consider adding more steaks of gray/silver around your face to even the color out. This is a lengthy process that will dry out your hair even more. Choose a stylist who is experienced with curly hair.

If you feel confident with gray hair, other people will love it too. Wear it and own it!