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Celebrities Celebrating Curls!

Celebrities set the trends. If they love it and wear it, it’s in. Now, more than ever, movie starts, musicians, and television personalities are going all natural with their hair.

Minnie Driver has proudly worn her curls since the 1990’s and we think she always looks fabulous. Gross Pointe Blank is one of my favorite movies where she plays John Cusak’s high school girlfriend. I’ve seen her with a straight style and frankly, it’s hard to watch! Her curls define her in the most beautiful way. There is something magnetic about her perfect, ringlet curls. I have imagined that she has the best, most expensive hair care products as well as a hairdresser who takes care of taming her curls on a daily basis. However, she shares her secret and it’s a coconut oil treatment every two weeks. She covers her scalp and hair in coconut oil in the morning, pins it up in a bun all day and washes it at night. She swears this leaves her hair incredibly soft and moisturized for weeks.

source: ESSENCE

Gabrielle Union is recently celebrating her natural big curls and has created her own haircare product line. This is a new trend for her, as she has gone through great lengths to smooth her hair for years. She has starred in close to twenty television shows and movies in her career. She is also an activist, speaking out about violence against women and women’s health issues. She wrote a memoir called We’re Going to Need More Wine (2017). We celebrate Gabrielle as she celebrates curly hair!

Sex in the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker has pulled off wild curls for several decades with no apologies. Her hair is naturally wavy and she prefers to just ‘let it be’. When on set, hairdressers often try to make it curlier or straight. When left up to her, she washes it at night, sleeps on it and wears it just how it is, the next day. Sounds refreshing, right? She loves to wear it in a bun when she wants it off her face. And with those chiseled features, she can pull off any hairstyle well!

Who’s your favorite curly celeb??