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Caring for your Child’s Curls – Whether You Have Curly Hair or Not

So, you have curly hair and you’ve mastered your hair care routine…but your child’s hair has a totally different mind of its own and you’re struggling. On the flip side, maybe you don’t have curly hair, but your child does – it can be a serious learning curve! Don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips!

Use Care When Washing Their Hair

While you should massage the scalp with your fingertips, you should not pile their curls on top of their head while cleansing. This can cause tangles, lots and lots of tangles, which is not fun for you or your child. There could be tears! Just don’t do it. After massaging the scalp with a cleansing product, slowly work it down to the ends.

Use More Conditioner Than Shampoo

Do not skip the conditioner, ever! Curly hair needs to stay moisturized because it is naturally more dry than straight hair. While conditioning, you should also gently detangle their hair in sections using your fingers.

If you aren’t co-washing, you’ll want to be sure to use more conditioner than shampoo. In fact, most people use too much shampoo anyway! The amount depends on the length and thickness of the hair, and how long it’s been since you last washed it, but typically the directions are on the bottle of the products you choose.

Shampoo Less Often

We talked about HOW to shampoo, but now let’s talk about how often to shampoo. This can take some trial and error to see how often your child’s hair NEEDS it. Start with three times a week and see how their hair behaves. When does it start to look dirty or oily? Note that some weeks you may need to shampoo more often, especially if they’re in sports of some kind. Work your hair care routine around that schedule.

And don’t forget the conditioner 😊


If you notice their hair becoming tangled too often, detangle more often. This means you can get it wet and condition again, but don’t use more shampoo or you’ll just dry it out which can lead to more tangles.

Do NOT detangle dry hair. This can be painful and cause breakage. Always detangle when wet and with conditioner. If you have trouble working your fingers through to detangle thoroughly enough, gently use a wide-tooth comb.


How to style depends on the curl pattern of your child’s hair. In general, our products work best for curl type 2s and 3s. Type 2s are wavy and type 3s are curly. Our products are lightweight, which work best for these curl types. If your child has type 4 curls, which are more tightly coiled, our products may not be heavy enough.

We recommend trying out our shampoo and conditioner first, as they are sulfate and paraben-free, and moisturizing with Argan and macadamia oil.

For styling, try out our curl gel, curl cream gel, or curl cream. You’ll be able to decide which one works best for your child’s hair. For refreshing curls in the morning or on day two or three, we recommend our curl boosting spray.