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How To Care For Color Treated Curls

Sometimes a curly girl just needs to experiment with their looks in a bold way! Which is why most of us take to hair color! Reds, golds and other vibrant hues can be fun but, do you know how to properly care for your color treated curls?

Read on for tips and tricks to help you protect your curls, pre and post color!

Most curly girl’s questions begin like this, “Will dying my hair affect my curl pattern?”. The answer is “yes and no”. If used within a recommended range, the coloring should not have any affect on your curl patter whatsoever. However, extreme color that requires bleach is said to affect your curl pattern – so be aware if you’re looking to go from black hair to bleach blonde in a day!

So, is there a way to preserve color treated hair? The answer is “yes”. Whether your hair is black, brunette, red, or blonde, your color-treated hair needs more attention than not. Moisturizing and strengthening will be a huge factor in your curls appearance and feel. So like, deep conditioning is essential.

Use our “Crown” deep conditioning mask at least once a week on your colored tresses. And use our Leave in Conditioner “Curl Rescue” as needed daily under your styling product.

As far as shampoos and conditioners that are safe for color treated hair? Look for cleansers and conditioners that are sulfate free. Luckily ours are just that and come in a nice little set.

Some people are blessed with tresses that hold color well, and some people like when their color starts to fade, they don’t mind wearing it when it’s a little bit more muted. Ask your salon professional for recommendations on how often you should be coloring your hair.