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Best Shower Hacks For Healthier Curls

Your curl care routine basically starts in the shower, on wash day. The longer you stay on your natural hair care journey, the more you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Here are some of our favorite shower hacks for curly hair that we’ve learned along ours and a 20% off any shampoo and conditioner products using promo code: ROYLWASH

When you stand in the shower, you face away from the showerhead, and the hot water constantly beats down on the back of your head in the same spot – and that high temperature can actually cause heat damage to your hair. This is what creates the unwanted extra frizz and undefined curls at the back of your head. We suggest facing forward in the shower or just changing up where you stand. You can also just turn the temperature down!

Curls crave moisture but if you don’t seal the cuticle after putting in all of that amazing hydration, you’re basically negating all of your hard work – and that’s probably why your hair is frizzing up after you shower. To prevent this, after you apply your conditioner, shift the water to cold and run a cool drizzle over your curls.

What are some of your best curl shower hacks? Tell us in the comments below!