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The Anatomy Of A Curl In Three Parts

So, What makes hair curly?

Curly hair is beautiful, whether it’s long, luscious and wild or short and feminine with stylish curls around the face. But what makes curly hair so unique? Let’s break down the anatomy of a curl so that we can better understand and love our curls!

  1. The first thing that determines if the hair is curly or not is, of course, is the shape of the follicle. If the follicle is oval shaped then the hair is curly and if it is rounded, it’s straight.
  2. Another major point of curly hair is the way follicles tunnel into our scalp; if they are angled and not vertical they are curly.
  3. The final factor is the big number of disulfide bonds in comparison with straight hair, that are formed due to the shape of the follicle.

Now you know what makes you even more beautiful. Have fun with it!

Is your hair newly curly? Watch for our next blog post to see how and why this happens and how best to start to discover your new gift of curls.