Once Upon a Curly Locks

Gina’s hair became more and more curly as she got older. By the time she was 13 years old her ringlets made their beautiful appearance and left her wondering how to manage them. Back then the internet wasn’t available so she took it upon herself to buy every product and mix them up like a mad scientist until she came up with what worked for her hair.

Over the years Gina has experimented with new products. Although she found some that helped, Gina never found that one perfect product that she could throw in and go, letting her hair dry naturally. Being brave and with the encouragement of her many curly haired friends, her curly haired son and supportive family, she set out to create her own.

After a year of working with Gina’s now trusted manufacturer she came up with her signature Pro Curl Cream Gel. It’s a hybrid of curly cream, curl gel and Moroccan Argan oil moisture all in one; just the right amount of each for busy curly haired people.

Gina began selling them on Amazon in August of 2015 and the response was amazing. Since then Gina has come up with more products with her team of curly hair testers and of course herself! The line now has a Dream Cream, Party Curl Cocktail Refreshing Curl Spray, keratin infused sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner, a curl serum, a leave in conditioner and an alcohol free luxury curl gel.

Gina is proud of the fact that she is a one woman company who still checks and packages all of her products before they are sent and fulfilled by Amazon. She loves to hear from her customers and responds personally so give her a shout!