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6 Tips for Exercising with Curly Hair

Keeping our bodies fit and strong shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of our curls!

I know many of my friends don’t workout long enough to cause a sweat, when they have curly hair. Some of them wash their hair once or twice a week and don’t want to deal with sweaty hair, in between washings. They don’t want flattened curls from wearing them in a bun. They would rather not have to go into work after the gym, with less-than-perfect hair.

Don’t let curls dictate your life! Follow these 6 tips for exercising with curly hair.Wear hair up in a high ponytail or pineapple-style, using a scrunchy to avoid a severe dent in your curls later. Add a headband to keep your crown frizz-free.

Make sure curls are dry before going to the gym or out on a run. If curly hair is still damp, it is more likely to frizz.

Avoid working out heavily on the same day you washed your hair, if your hair care routine doesn’t include daily washings. If you don’t want to go through the one to two hours of washing and caring for your hair daily, but don’t want an oily scalp, try dry shampoo at the roots once hair is completely dry.

After your workout, don’t take hair down immediately. Allowing a few hours for the sweat to dry, will reduce frizz. Unwind, take a shower, and have a meal. Then, when you are sure your hair is completely dry, let those curls free-fall.

Once hair is down, spritz with your favorite leave-in conditioner or scrunch in some hair cream, to encourage more bounce.

Exercising in the cold, may mean wearing a warm cap. Plopping your curls up on top will keep them from losing much shape. You may have to buy hats with extra room on top to accommodate your gorgeous locks.

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Reducing frizz is every curly-haired person’s goal in life. However, a little frizz, for the sake of a healthy body can’t be the end of the world, right?

Run, dance, enjoy cross-fit, and look fabulous while doing it!