Curly Hair

6 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Curly Hair: An Edit From Our CEO

Ah November! Time for hoodies and pumpkin spice everything. Also a time for thankfulness. I remember a time when I absolutely hated my curls, you? I hope you’ve always embraced them. Now there are so many reasons I am thankful and my curly hair is one of them. Although I’m mostly thankful for my family and friends and a wonderful blessed life, I think it’s good to be grateful for the small stuff too like your hair, and of course all of my wonderful curly-haired friends like you ????!

Here are the top 6 reasons I’m thankful for my curly hair (and why you should be too)!

  1. They help me own the room. Even for a somewhat introverted person like me, when I walk into a room with my hair down, people look. It was alarming at first, when I first decided to rock my curls. But then, slowly, the compliments came. Random strangers came up to me to compliment my hair, asked me what I used and if it was “natural”. Honestly, you don’t even have to have an awesome outfit on when you have a mane of curls that is accessory enough. It’s my statement, my jewelry (although hubby may argue there as I have so much!). Our curls make us unique and stand out.
  2. My curls give me the opportunity to have two totally different looks. Let’s face it. We can straighten our hair and have a smooth yet full look that those with straight hair naturally can never get. And sorry straight hair people, you can never get our awesome curl patterns or volume and texture with a perm or curling iron. Sorry not sorry. 
  3. I have my own secret society. Really. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a sly smile or a knowing glance between two straight haired people. But, surely you have been a part of this awesome phenomenon that I like to compare to two people driving jeeps past each other and waving. It’s subtle, a nod, a wink a smile. It says “I see your curls, they look awesome, keep rocking them, I feel your pain, I know you spent a lot of time on those today”. I actually met one of my now very dear friends in line at a coffee shop talking curls.
  4. I can style it up in a hurry. Curly hair is incredibly easy to work with and style so many ways. It easily holds styles, can be whipped into a bun and if it’s a bit messy, it looks even better.
  5. I rarely wash my hair. Although we may spend a ton on conditioner and product, we can get away with washing our hair very infrequently. This is a little confession about us curly haired people. Curly hair typically gets wavier and prettier when it’s a little dirtier as we all know. The downside is you always use your shampoo about a month or two before your conditioner. That’s why we sell 3 packs of conditioner. Get em here, they’re discounted and value priced. (insert 3 pack of conditioner here) 
  6. I always smell delicious. How lucky are we that we get to use so many delicious smelling products. Come on, admit it. You love when people tell you that you smell so good and you know it’s your hair products. Our curl cream gel gets the most compliments ever on smell. A coworker told me she always knows I’m there because the room smells so “yummy” (insert curl cream gel) 

Tell me and the rest of the Royal Locks Curly Tribe why you’re thankful for your curls!