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5 simple, easy and fast Halloween costume ideas for curlies

Have you found a costume for Halloween yet? Are you spooking out about the fact that you need a costume by tonight!? Royal Locks has got you covered. Here are 5 simple, easy and fast Halloween costume ideas for curlies!

1. Donna Summers

All you need to rock the Donna look is a short sparkling dress, a lot of makeup and some false eyelashes!

2. Prince

Grab something purple, apply heavy eyeliner and be prince for a night (motorcycle not needed)!

3. Lioness

This one’s probably our favorite because it’s the quickest and easiest! You’ve already got the mane all you need to do is add some black face paint (tip: eyeliner works great!) to your face and you are a gorgeous lioness for the evening.

4. Bird’s nest

Wash off some sticks and leaves from outside, and transform your crown into a nest!

5. Troy Polamalu

Dig out your old cleats and find some black and yellow in your closet and channel Troy Polamalu!


We want to see your curly costumes! Tag us at #RoyalLocksHairCare on Instagram!