3 Unique Ways To Take Care of Yourself

Did you know that September is Self Care Month? How are you doing with this? We hope you are using it as a reminder to take care of YOU and continue to do so every month! Maybe pick a day and stick to it! How does Self Care Sunday sound? There are so so many benefits to self care. When you take the time to do so, you will find yourself more productive at work and at home, more engaged in relationships, and happier all around! We know it can be difficult to remember this, but when you don’t have the time is generally when you need it the MOST!

Here are three unique ways to take care of yourself even long after September ends!

1. If anything, Take 15 minutes. When you have no time is when you need it the most.

Self-care means something different to everyone, in-fact never compare your routine to someone else’s! If you can only take 15 minutes, that means that you’re taking the time for yourself, and that’s good enough. Maybe it’s 15-minutes to document how you’re feeling, or reflect on the positive things that happened the past week,  find solace in a favorite show, or do some coloring in a coloring book. Whatever it is, find something for you.

2. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Challenge yourself to find Free ways to self care.

A lot of people view self-care as being expensive. Going for facials, getting a massage (but, AH! do this sometimes please!) getting your nails done, having a routine highlight or low-light touch-up. But, that’s not what self-care is really about. It’s about finding things for yourself, no matter how big or small that bring you joy and make yourself happy. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water with some epson salts, take a walk in your neighborhood, make yourself a smoothie, sit and pet your cat or dog for 10 minutes straight (they’ll love it too!)

3. Make your curls healthy and Luscious

Ok, this is a big one for us, since we’re all curly friends here. When our curls feel healthy and luscious WE feel better about ourselves. Taking the extra time in our curly routine to deep condition make us (and our curls) feel fabulous. For self-care month we are giving you 20% off our Crown Deep Conditioning Mask for Self-Care month with code: SelfCareCrown

Tell us some of your self-care tips and routines! Share in the comments section below.