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12 Great Curly Girl Tips for an Organized Morning

Curly Girl Tips12 Great Curly Girl Tips for an Organized Morning; One of the worst feelings is to be running late, not knowing what you are going to wear, and sporting a wild bed head of curls that need taming. And curly girls know those beautiful locks often need extra attention.

Instead of a hurricane, make your mornings a breeze with a few quick tips and you will have a bit more time to focus on your mane.

Here are my curly girl tips for an organized morning that gets you there on time:

Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

This one is easy; check the weather forecast and get your clothes laid out the night before.

Put Your Chosen Clothes in the Same Place Each Night

Designate where your clothes will be placed. Choose a spot where they will be undisturbed and hang on hangers if needed.

Organize Your Shoes

You can squander a lot of time in the mornings looking for mismatched pairs in a muddled pile of footwear. Keep your shoes organized, pick out your pair for the day the night before, and you can walk out the door sooner.


Choose Your Accessories        

Keep your accessories organized for easy pickings. This includes any curly hair needs such as a scarf, headband, barrettes or clips.




Make Your Lunch or Lunch Plan the Night Before

If you make a lunch have it ready the night before. If you buy make sure you have your lunch money all set… just like grade school!

Keep Your Purse or Backpack Stocked

Everything you need for the day should be ready to go the night before. Keep your daily needs stocked and your backpacks next to the door.


Your necessities should have a home. Keys, bus pass, employee badge should all be on the same place and on your list to check the night before.

No Distractions

We used to have the TV blaring every morning while getting ready. Sometimes I would make a pit stop just to watch a news story. After I banned morning TV I became more focused and suddenly there was loads of more time!

Set a Timer

If you are taking too long in the morning and have to keep watching the clock set a timer and reduce the time each week until you reach your time goal. Whether it’s a specific action that is slowing you down such as eating breakfast or showering or your complete start to finish time from waking up to walking out, a timer can keep you on track.

Simplify Breakfast        

Busy mornings are not the time be cooking and loading a dishwasher; shop for quick, easy and healthy options with protein and vitamins. Personally I love making egg muffins so I can grab them and go!



Make a List of Morning Chores.

Curly Girl Tips Post itIf you have pets to feed, lights to shut off, an alarm to set etc. them make a list and check it off each morning.  If you have to remember something for a specific event or appointment that day, post-it notes on the mirror or inside your door work great. Even when I put these items in my phone, I sometimes don’t check my phone until AFTER these things should have been done.

Double Check Everything the Night Before

Do the double check and go through this list.  Surprises cost time when you are in a hurry.  The double check can rule out many and help you avoid the “I got to go back’ after you are out the door and realize you forgot something.

Use your weekends wisely to do laundry and stock up on breakfasts and other needs. Whether you are heading out the door for school or work, just these few curly girl tips can give you more time to deal with your curls, make you feel less stressed, get you there on time, and arrive with a ‘together look’ every day.

I hope these tips help your mornings go fabuously. A few minutes each night can help us have stress free mornings. And if all else fails, I just throw in my curl cream gel into wet hair,  or heck, even mix some with water and throw it in my dry crazy hair and throw on a headband and go! Have you tried my curl cream gel? You can find it here! *It’s been Amazon’s choice for almost a year, so plenty of curly friends already know the beauty of throw in and go!



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