Our Top 5 Curl Resolutions For 2018

It’s 2018, and we’ve got a whole new outlook on our curls.

2018 marks a clean slate for us and our curls! We’ve had a love-hate relationship with our ringlets for the better half of 2017 and if we’re being honest – ever since we could remember. But this year that’s all going to change. Becuase we have 365 days to do things differently, and we’re choosing to love our curls. Here are our top 5 resolutions we’re making to our curls in 2018.

1. Start sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Yes, we said it. Your curls deserve the royal treatment (see what we did there? “RoyalLocks”). Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is a great way to protect your curls and keep them from turning into dreadlocks overnight! Seriously, traditional cotton pillowcases tend to leach moisture out of your delicate curls, which is what encourages tangles and causes your curls to give you trouble. They also cause friction while you sleep, but silk and satin give that nice smooth slip for your curls to rest on. Give it a try for a week straight and you’ll see a difference, guaranteed.

2.  Stop using sulfate shampoos to wash those curls.

The effects of Sulfates on curly hair is just downright wrong! Stop using sulfate shampoos on your beautiful curls. Instead, use shampoos that feed your locks the best ingredients. Try Royal Locks Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Trust us, you’ll see the difference and never look back!

3.  Start treating your curls like the delicate fibers that they are.

There’s a “delicate” cycle on the washer and dryer for a reason!  Same goes for your curls, use gentle products on your locks to keep them in tip-top shape. Royal locks hair care has a complete line of gentle products, even safe for kids hair.

4.  Stop collecting curl products that don’t work!

We know that not all curly hair products are created equal, and there’s nothing wrong with trying new products. The problem begins when you buy anything and everything that says “for curly hair” on the front and try it once or twice, then stick it in the cabinet to collect dust with the others. Now maybe you haven’t done that, and that may be wise of you. But for those of us who have, there is a better way. Aren’t we all searching for that holy grail hair product that’s our go-to that we can’t live without? Dare we say, The Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel can be that for you if you allow it!


5.  Have confidence in those gorgeous curls you’ve got!

It doesn’t matter whether your curls are beach waves, Botticelli tendrils, or springy spirals; whether they’re blonde, red, black, or purple; whether they bounce a little or bounce a lot—they’re beautiful, and it’s time you realized it! So stop wishing you had someone else’s “beautiful” hair and start believing yours is. You’ve got this, curly-friend.


What are some of your curl resolutions?

New Year, New You, New Tips For Curl Revitalization

The new year is right around the corner, and we’re gearing up to have our best curly year yet!

We’ve got some brand new, 2018-worthy revitalization tips for curly hair, and we’re dishing it all right here!

So, let’s be real. Taming curly hair isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes effort, lots of lovin’ and a lot of dedication. I mean, “wash day” really means, it might take all day. We’re breaking down some new and revitalizing routines for Washing, drying and styling for you to try on your next wash day :).


1. Use a hydrating shampoo & a nice thick conditioner. There’s nothing like ultra hydration, to make your curls look and feel A M A Z I N G. Check out our Sulfate and Paraben Free Keratin Rich Conditioner and Hydrating Shampoo Set.


1. Wring your hair out with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. This is probably my favorite curly hair saver! Wringing your hair out with a gentler material as opposed to rubbing your hair vigorously with a bath towel after a shower makes a huge difference in the shape of your curls once dried.

While supplies last we have put together a Wash Day Kit that includes our shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and a microfiber hair towel. You can get this on sale here : Wash day kit

Speaking of drying….

2. Air-dry whenever possible!  Avoid heat as much as possible! Heat makes curls frizz-up, and dry them out! But, If you DO use heat…

3. Blow dry with a diffuser. Usually only about half way and then let the rest air dry. The goal is to work with your curls because fighting them or trying to do anything other than embrace their wild nature is an uphill battle.


1. Moroccan oil as a post-shower conditioner. Moroccan oil should be your ride or die! Our best-selling Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel infused with leave-in conditioning moisturizer of pure Moroccan Aragan Oil is ours. Not to mention it’s best for any curl type:  naturally wavy to tight curls, permanent waves, thick, thin, textured, mixed, grey, colored, or natural hair, AND

2. Bobby pins + claws instead of elastics! Our hair just looks and feels happier when it’s not all knotted up with a hair-tie. Oh, and pro-tip: insert your bobby pins wavy side down. You’re welcome.

3. Curling wands can transform your life. So, you might be thinking your hair doesn’t need any more curl! But, sometimes if a part of your hair looks a little lifeless, wrapping a little bit of your hair around a curling wand for a few seconds can really bring it back to life!

4. Don’t forget to revitalize before your next adventure. Even the best behaving curls can benefit from a little party curl cocktail. Just l ightly spay and pat or scrunch up and watch your curls come to life and smell great for the remainder of your day! Get a bottle for your bag here:  Party Curl Cocktail

I think our curls are off to a pretty great start with these new revitalization tips! If you have any tips we didn’t mention above, we’d love to hear them! Write them in the comments below 🙂

7 Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Curly-Hair

Ok, be honest. How many times have you uttered the phrase “I don’t know what to get them” this Holiday season? 😂 If you answered ‘more than once’, then we’re practically the same person. Some people are just really hard to buy for! But, we know how it is, I’m sure our friends and family are saying the same thing about us — which is why we’re making it SUPER easy on them this year and making a list! 😉 Here are 7 perfect stocking stuffers for those curly-hair besties, family members, and lovers in your life!

#1. Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

#2. The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the Naturally Curly Community

#3. Complete Curly Hair Products Set by Royal Locks Two Curl Creams Curling Spray Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoo and Conditioner

#4. Hair Brush-Sosoon Boar Bristle Hairbrush for Long, Thick and Curly Hair

#5. Evolatree Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel – Elegant Fast Drying Hair Wrap

#6 Wash Day Kit by Royal Locks On SALE THIS WEEK

With this kit you get our macadamia nut and argan oil infused, paraben and sulfate free professional grade shampoo and conditioner plus our awesome leave in conditioner PLUS a bonus hair towel. On sale now and makes a great one and done stocking stuffer or gift she will love.


#7. Burlybands – The Ultimate Hair Ties for Thick Heavy or Curly Hair

There you have it, 7 Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Curly-Hair! Now you can share this link with all of your family members to give them some ideas 😉.

P.S. all of these products go PERFECTLY with ALL Royal Locks Hair Care products!


What curly-hair products do YOU want this Holiday season?



The Curly Girl’s Guide To Holiday Hairstyles

With all of the Holiday events coming up in the next couple of months, a curly girl not only has to pick out her outfit but plan her hairstyle too. Whether you’re attending a Holiday work party or heading to the in-laws these beautiful curly hairstyles are just what you need to accessorize for the holidays!

1.  Create a wrap-around braid look with this tutorial. For best results try using Royal Locks Luxury Curl Gel and/or Dream Cream. Both have great hold and shine that’s perfect for these types of styles. 

2. Or, go for this romantic updo. For best results try using Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel. It’s great for loose styles like this and if you leave little curls out, they will spiral beautifully. 

3. Get your hair off your neck and into these pretty twists for the night. For best results try using Royal Locks Curl Rescue Leave in Conditioner. Since you’ll be held with the twist you won’t need as much hold and it will make your hair feel luxurious. 


4.  Put your hair into a half French twist for a classy look. For best results try using Royal Locks Dream Cream and adding some of our Curl Nectar to the ends when you are finished to give a nice spiral shiny look.

5. Add some jewelry to a beautiful chignon. For best results with any of these styles be sure to start with a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate and paraben free and made especially for curls. Try our set here:

These five curly hairstyle tutorials are sure to give you that holiday inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Let us know in the comments below which hairstyle(s) you are going to try this Holiday season!

6 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Curly Hair: An Edit From Our CEO

Ah November! Time for hoodies and pumpkin spice everything. Also a time for thankfulness. I remember a time when I absolutely hated my curls, you? I hope you’ve always embraced them. Now there are so many reasons I am thankful and my curly hair is one of them. Although I’m mostly thankful for my family and friends and a wonderful blessed life, I think it’s good to be grateful for the small stuff too like your hair, and of course all of my wonderful curly-haired friends like you 😉!

Here are the top 6 reasons I’m thankful for my curly hair (and why you should be too)!

  1. They help me own the room. Even for a somewhat introverted person like me, when I walk into a room with my hair down, people look. It was alarming at first, when I first decided to rock my curls. But then, slowly, the compliments came. Random strangers came up to me to compliment my hair, asked me what I used and if it was “natural”. Honestly, you don’t even have to have an awesome outfit on when you have a mane of curls that is accessory enough. It’s my statement, my jewelry (although hubby may argue there as I have so much!). Our curls make us unique and stand out.
  2. My curls give me the opportunity to have two totally different looks. Let’s face it. We can straighten our hair and have a smooth yet full look that those with straight hair naturally can never get. And sorry straight hair people, you can never get our awesome curl patterns or volume and texture with a perm or curling iron. Sorry not sorry. 
  3. I have my own secret society. Really. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a sly smile or a knowing glance between two straight haired people. But, surely you have been a part of this awesome phenomenon that I like to compare to two people driving jeeps past each other and waving. It’s subtle, a nod, a wink a smile. It says “I see your curls, they look awesome, keep rocking them, I feel your pain, I know you spent a lot of time on those today”. I actually met one of my now very dear friends in line at a coffee shop talking curls.
  4. I can style it up in a hurry. Curly hair is incredibly easy to work with and style so many ways. It easily holds styles, can be whipped into a bun and if it’s a bit messy, it looks even better.
  5. I rarely wash my hair. Although we may spend a ton on conditioner and product, we can get away with washing our hair very infrequently. This is a little confession about us curly haired people. Curly hair typically gets wavier and prettier when it’s a little dirtier as we all know. The downside is you always use your shampoo about a month or two before your conditioner. That’s why we sell 3 packs of conditioner. Get em here, they’re discounted and value priced. (insert 3 pack of conditioner here) 
  6. I always smell delicious. How lucky are we that we get to use so many delicious smelling products. Come on, admit it. You love when people tell you that you smell so good and you know it’s your hair products. Our curl cream gel gets the most compliments ever on smell. A coworker told me she always knows I’m there because the room smells so “yummy” (insert curl cream gel) 

Tell me and the rest of the Royal Locks Curly Tribe why you’re thankful for your curls!

How Macadamia Nut Oil Can Cure All Of Your Curly Hair Problems

Your curls like Macadamia nut oil just as much as your tastebuds do! It’s true, Macadamia nut oil is similar to that of natural body oils, and is easily absorbed by the skin and hair making the ultimate curl-saver. I use Macadamia nut oil not only to combat hair breakage but to keep my curls frizz-free, hydrated and antioxidant-plenished. 

Let’s break it down. Each one of our hair strands is protected by an overlapping layer of cuticle. However, over time and because of certain biological factors, they separate. The separation of cuticle layers results in hair breakage (Does the term “Split ends” ring a bell?). Macadamia Nut Oil helps to prevent against split ends and penetrates the scalp and hair follicles for maximum strength and elasticity! Which is why I created and  use my curl quench conditioner and clean curls shampoo  infused with Macadamia nut oil to keep my curls beautiful. You can check it out here

If you’re curls have that not-so-fun frizz-factor, Macadamia nut oil may be the right product for you. Frizz is contributed to a number of factors like, humid weather, or through incorrect application of beauty products (most common, just sayin’). Essentially, the fatty acids and vitamin compounds found in macadamia nut oil help to eliminate frizz by coating the hair with nourishing oils. It’s a no-brainer, go macadamia to fight frizz.

Curl dryness is something that customers come to for help with all of the time. I tell them why their experiencing dry hair and how they can fix and maintain it. There are a number of reasons why someone has dry hair including thte not-so-obvious hot showers, certain beauty treatments, age or dry environmental factors. Again, most times I tell my customers they’re just not using the right products. The body naturally produces a compound known as palmitoleic acid, which has anti-aging properties, to offset the dryness effect by replenishing lost moisture in the skin and hair. However, as you get older the amount of palmitoleic acid produced decreases. By feeding your hair with essentail fatty acids like omega-7, found in macadamia nut out, it helps your hair to restore this palmitoleic acid and keep your hair ultra hydrated!

Do your curls have unwanted frizz, dehyrdation and breakage? Leave a comment below and I’ll personally recomend a product that will combat these unwanted issues!

What to do for Dry Hair and Scalp

In many areas the cold weather is already creeping in and along with that often comes dry hair and scalp often accompanied by dry skin.  Years ago the popular advice was ‘Drink more water!’ While getting enough water is certainly advisable, thankfully today there is more information and there are better products available.

While dry and or irritated scalp and dandruff can be a result of weather changes there are also a number of other possible causes. These include hormonal changes, eczema, allergies, psoriasis, and even your diet.  Ask your doctor if you do not know the reason for your dry condition.  If you know the cause then the treatment is often as close as your bathroom cabinet, grocery store, or on our products page. Might we suggest our leave in conditioner “Curl Rescue”? It pairs nicely with our styling products as well!

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray for Dry Hair and Scalp

Apple cider vinegar for dry hair and scalp Your hair and scalp needs a healthy pH balance to be at its best. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a common ‘go to’ for curly hair girls and guys. ACV can actually help you reach and maintain a healthy pH level. ACV can also strip build up on your scalp and hair and many users report shinier hair after use.

All you do is mix 50% ACV with 50% water in a spray bottle and apply to your scalp. Massage your scalp and wait about 5 minutes before completely rinsing. You can work your entire scalp at one time or only apply to troubled areas. After rinsing use Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel …  the hybrid 3 in 1 proprietary blend cream and gel with a leave in conditioning moisturizer of pure Moroccan Aragan Oil for your curls.

Olive Oil for Dry Hair and Scalp

Olive oil can be found in many kitchens and most any grocery store.  The instructions are simple:

1) Heat 1/2 cup of virgin olive oil to a warm temperature (not hot) then mix in 2 teaspoons of honey.

2) Apply the mixture to your scalp and gently massage.

3) Then leave the olive oil on your hair for approximately ten minutes.

4) Then use a small amount of Royal Locks Clean Curls Shampoo to rinse out your hair. It uses macadamia nut oil to nourish your hair and scalp and is sulfate and paraben free!

5) Let dry naturally after adding our Pro Curl Cream Gel , Dream Cream or Party Curl Cocktail if you’re styling your hair, or Curl Rescue if you’re in for the night.

Jojoba & Tea Tree Oil for Dry Hair and Scalp

Oil For Dry Hair and ScalpAnother straightforward and effectual method to help with dry scalp and hair is jojoba oil. This oil imitates the natural sebum your scalp produces. This oil is light and often used in hair care products.

Another popular oil is Tea tree oil. This oil even has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil gets rid of dead skin, dust and dirt, fungus and bacteria from your scalp.

1) Mix a quarter to half dollar-sized amount of jojoba oil in your hand with 2 drops of tea tree oil.

2) Rub evenly in your palms.

3) Massage into the scalp. Do this about 30 minutes before shampooing or as an overnight treatment and shampoo in the morning.

4) You can also add several drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. After applying, leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse.

Banana & Avocado Hair Mask for Dry Hair and Scalp

Avocado and Banana For Dry Hair and ScalpIf your hair is damaged, dry, and dull, a banana and avocado hair mask can help bring back beauty and shine. This is because bananas contain the amino acids that protect hair from weather damage and they also have citric acid to make your hair gleam. Your hair gets vitamins A and B and abundant oils from Avocados.

What to do:

1) Put a half of an Avocado and a half of a banana along with few pieces of cantaloupe and three or four tablespoons of plain yogurt for substance and bland.

2) Apply to your scalp and hair.

3) Put on a shower cap and leave the mixture on your hair for about a half an hour.

4) Rinse with cool water and then shampoo.

The banana and avocado hair mask can be done weekly as needed.

Royal Locks Curl Nectar Curly Hair Serum and Curl Rescue Leave in Conditioner

Last but certainly not least, lets talk frizz. Sometimes even though we take the steps to properly nourish our hair, this weather can have our unruly curly frizzing still!

That’s why we created Curl Nectar. This little bottle of frizz reducing miracle is a godsend . and uses Meadowfoam Seed Oil.  It’s on sale today just in time! Check it out here: Curl Nectar . Can be used daily alone, under products, or mixed with other Royal Locks products. Paraben Free and lightweight.

Curl Rescue  a leave in with deep conditioning therapy that helps seal split ends and smooth with proteins. This is a powerful leave in. Highly concentrated using Kevaris and Pro Vitamin B5, you need just a little to transform your hair. Try it under Pro Curl Cream Gel or Dream Cream when you need a bit more moisture.




12 Great Curly Girl Tips for an Organized Morning

Curly Girl Tips12 Great Curly Girl Tips for an Organized Morning; One of the worst feelings is to be running late, not knowing what you are going to wear, and sporting a wild bed head of curls that need taming. And curly girls know those beautiful locks often need extra attention.

Instead of a hurricane, make your mornings a breeze with a few quick tips and you will have a bit more time to focus on your mane.

Here are my curly girl tips for an organized morning that gets you there on time:

Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

This one is easy; check the weather forecast and get your clothes laid out the night before.

Put Your Chosen Clothes in the Same Place Each Night

Designate where your clothes will be placed. Choose a spot where they will be undisturbed and hang on hangers if needed.

Organize Your Shoes

You can squander a lot of time in the mornings looking for mismatched pairs in a muddled pile of footwear. Keep your shoes organized, pick out your pair for the day the night before, and you can walk out the door sooner.


Choose Your Accessories        

Keep your accessories organized for easy pickings. This includes any curly hair needs such as a scarf, headband, barrettes or clips.




Make Your Lunch or Lunch Plan the Night Before

If you make a lunch have it ready the night before. If you buy make sure you have your lunch money all set… just like grade school!

Keep Your Purse or Backpack Stocked

Everything you need for the day should be ready to go the night before. Keep your daily needs stocked and your backpacks next to the door.


Your necessities should have a home. Keys, bus pass, employee badge should all be on the same place and on your list to check the night before.

No Distractions

We used to have the TV blaring every morning while getting ready. Sometimes I would make a pit stop just to watch a news story. After I banned morning TV I became more focused and suddenly there was loads of more time!

Set a Timer

If you are taking too long in the morning and have to keep watching the clock set a timer and reduce the time each week until you reach your time goal. Whether it’s a specific action that is slowing you down such as eating breakfast or showering or your complete start to finish time from waking up to walking out, a timer can keep you on track.

Simplify Breakfast        

Busy mornings are not the time be cooking and loading a dishwasher; shop for quick, easy and healthy options with protein and vitamins. Personally I love making egg muffins so I can grab them and go!



Make a List of Morning Chores.

Curly Girl Tips Post itIf you have pets to feed, lights to shut off, an alarm to set etc. them make a list and check it off each morning.  If you have to remember something for a specific event or appointment that day, post-it notes on the mirror or inside your door work great. Even when I put these items in my phone, I sometimes don’t check my phone until AFTER these things should have been done.

Double Check Everything the Night Before

Do the double check and go through this list.  Surprises cost time when you are in a hurry.  The double check can rule out many and help you avoid the “I got to go back’ after you are out the door and realize you forgot something.

Use your weekends wisely to do laundry and stock up on breakfasts and other needs. Whether you are heading out the door for school or work, just these few curly girl tips can give you more time to deal with your curls, make you feel less stressed, get you there on time, and arrive with a ‘together look’ every day.

I hope these tips help your mornings go fabuously. A few minutes each night can help us have stress free mornings. And if all else fails, I just throw in my curl cream gel into wet hair,  or heck, even mix some with water and throw it in my dry crazy hair and throw on a headband and go! Have you tried my curl cream gel? You can find it here! *It’s been Amazon’s choice for almost a year, so plenty of curly friends already know the beauty of throw in and go!



Premature Gray Hair Top Tips

Hello curly friends! Are you getting gray hair before your time? No worries;…most premature gray hair is usually a matter of genetics. Unless you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid issues, or other health challenges, the gray is probably in your DNA. Check with your physician to be sure there are no health causes.

The Science of “Why am I getting Gray?”

Melanin promotes hair color and when your body decreases production your  hair turns gray. An enzyme known as catalase reduces hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in your body. When this enzyme, catalase, is reduced and the hydrogen peroxide levels rise, melanin growth is hampered and hair turns gray. The technical term for gray hair is canities.

What Causes Premature Gray Hair?

There are other causes that contribute to gray hair and affect hair pigmentation:

  • Stress has not been shown as a direct cause but can contribute to premature graying.
  • Specific ethnicities gray at younger ages than others.
  • Some toxins and even hair dyes can promote gray hair.
  • Hormones and health issues.
  • Lifestyle and poor diet/ smoking .
  • A lack of vitamin B12, iron, and iodine.

What Can You Do About Premature Gray Hair?

Premature Gray HairPremature hair graying happens to both men and women.

Taking care of yourself by avoiding excess stress, not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough rest an exercise can help minimize premature aging. So beside the usual health advice what can you do? At this time, there is no magic pill that reverses the gray. What you can do is consistently use curly hair products intended to keep your hair moisturized and stronger.  I  recommend  our  curl rescue leave in hair conditioner with Kevaris which can be found here and also using a curl product with some great oil like our luxury marula oil, which can be found here  . Seal your hair and hydrate it with our curl nectar serum which you can find here (and it’s on sale right now! 

Keep your gray curls healthy with these three!

There are also numerous styles that look great and can protect your hair from breakage such as weaves, braids, and faux locs. Of course you can choose to show off your canities (gray hair) or dye your hair to make it disappear… temporarily.

More Info:
How to Color Gray Hair

How to Make Your Gray Hair Gorgeous

I’m with you here with graying hair friends!


Need a Protein Fix? For your hair that is……

This hair mask is easy to make with home ingredients and is packed with protein, and other nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. This mask prevents breakage, strengthens hair follicles and even prevents hair loss. And my hair is always so shiny after using this.

• 1 egg to 2 eggs including yolks (depending on length of hair for shorter hair use one egg, for longer use two, for super long, triple it!)
• 2 to 3 Tablespoons honey ( same rules apply to amount as above)
• 2-3 Tablespoons of oil (any oil(depending on length of hair) will do, pick your favorite kind). Being Italian, Gina uses light olive oil.
• 5-6 pumps of conditioner (or more for super dry or super long hair) Royal Locks Curl Quench Conditioner – (or an old conditioner sitting in the cabinet unused although make sure it has no sulfates or parabens for best results) .I love our Royal Locks Curl Quench Conditioner because it happens to have Macadamia Nut Oil and our honey is pure Macadamia Nut Honey. Aloha!

You can see our curl quench conditioner here:  CURL QUENCH

Mix eggs, honey and oil in a bowl until smooth. Add conditioner to make a mask consistency. Here is where you will decide how much conditioner to add depending on how much eggs, oil and honey you used. Apply to hair and cover with shower cap for best results. You can also just bun up your hair in a top knot if your consistency is thick enough. Leave on 15 minutes and rinse. Follow up with a leave in conditioner. Of course we suggest our curl rescue which you can find here :  CURL RESCUE   ( Curl rescue 
designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits. It is a multifaceted protein based complex which acts on all of the three fundamental parameters of hair strength: tensile properties, bending modulus and cuticle abrasion. Paraben free.

We hope you enjoy this “recipe” . Let us know how it goes!