Curly Hair

9 Things Only People With Curly Hair Understand (With Memes)

Don’t get us wrong, we love our fabulous curls, but sometimes other people just don’t understand. Here are 9 things only people with curly hair understand, and the best memes to go along with them. #CurlyHairProbelms

1. People always want to touch your hair.

Yes, I know my hair is the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen (and maybe the biggest) but you can’t just pull my ringlets like they’re a slinky, because the curls will separate and I will be left with frizzy hair.

2. When people ask, “Why don’t you brush your hair?”

Have you seen 80’s hair? It’s in the past for a reason. Curly hair doesn’t need to be brushed when it’s dry; the only time it can be brushed is when it’s wet. Otherwise, your hair will resemble your mother’s in the eighties.

3. And then when they ask, “Is your hair naturally like that?”

Nope, I pin-curl my hair every day and it takes several hours and magically still looks like this all the time!

4. You never know what it’s going to look like.

It’s true. when you plan on staying in, your curls look fabulous and when you’re going out they don’t. Just remember, always keep extra hair ties in your bag or around your wrist and wish for the best. That’s all us curly hairs can do!

5. You can never live anywhere humid… ever.

Humidity. Basically the worst thing ever. You better have the weather app handy at all times but if it’s humid, then it’s a messy bun kind of day, my friend.

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Let’s be honest, when you find the perfect hairstylist, you hold on for life. That is, WHEN you find the perfect hairstylist. Am I right? A stylist that understands curly hair, is hard, but when you find them, losing them can be traumatic.

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7. You can’t cuddle with someone without them eating your hair.

At least it smells nice from all the products!

8. When someone says, “You know, your hair would look so pretty straight.”

For real? The absolute worst backhanded compliment ever is “You know, your hair would look so pretty straight.” We know straight hair would be nice sometimes, but I don’t have three hours to blow it out myself, do you?

9. The shedding.

Oh, the shedding. Should we start with the shower drain or the clothing?


What are your curly hair struggles? Tell us in the comments section below!